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Minutes from February 2011 CoCC Meeting

February 16, 2011 Meeting Minutes
1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Phedra Elliott.
2.                  Attendance: Phedra Elliott – Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Darlene Cook – Past Chair, Sally Santana – Member at Large, Walt LeCouteur, Sheila Gilliam, Beverly Kincaid, Cathy Shaffer, Betsi Kuker, Denise Agee, Shannon Bauman, Greg Alkire, Jim Stowers, Doug McIntyre, Danielle Perez, Kirsten Jewell, David Foote, Joe Myall,  Imari Stone, Elizabeth Wagner, Trudy Stacy, John Clauson, Greg Fontenette, Terry Schroeder
3.                  Introductions were made around the table.
4.                  Agenda Review: No changes were made to the agenda.
Minutes: January Meeting minutes – Dave Foote moved to approve, Sally Santana seconded and they were approved as presented. 
Kitsap Transit – John Clauson and Trudy Stacy: John and Trudy presented Kitsap Transit 101, which is shown to new board members. 83% of their funding comes from sales tax. Due to sales tax revenue being down, they have needed to make adjustments to cover that shortfall. Kitsap Transit is a public agency, under the Public Transportation Benefit Area. Their challenges with a lack of funding have made it necessary to decrease service and increase fares. Other transit areas as also needing to reduce services and many need to reduce more drastically than Kitsap has. Kitsap Transit’s reduction is under 35% and most likely around 20%. The reason they cut the Sunday service is that was the least used day in the week. They were able to save more by shutting down one whole day instead of cutting back an hour or so every day. The savings they are seeing is $800,000 to $850,000 per year. At the time that they cut out the Sunday service several vans were surplussed and many churches were recipients of them so that they could use the vans for picking up church members who would not be able to get to church due to no bus service. Their services are:
  1. Access, which is available to senior and disabled persons who are unable to use the fixed routes. 
  2. Routed, which is their fixed schedule service and provides the largest number of hours.
  3. Worker/Driver, which is used to transport large groups of people to and from work to the same work location.
  4. Foot Ferry
  5. SCOOT, allows commuters who work in targeted areas in Kitsap County to use alternatives to driving to work alone by offering a car they can reserve for personal errands.
  6. Van Link is designed to provide local social agencies with vans to transport their clients.
Kitsap Transit has had to limit the availability of transportation to outlying areas with their Access Service. Access is the most expensive service to operate. It costs an average of $20 per ride for Access and approximately $4 for routed. Their website is answers to most questions about their services can be obtained online.
Legislative Items – Phedra Elliott:  Several of us attended the Homeless & Housing Advocacy Day; there were over 500 participants attending. We received good information from Washington State Coalition for the Homeless and the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance. We were able to meet with Senator Kilmer directly and met with assistants for Senator Rockefeller and Representative Seaquist. We left “postcards” with other Kitsap County representatives and the governor. One the issues that we talked about was the Voucher Bill – SB 5283 & HB 1661 – Some of the concerns are that the units are not subject to any regulations; landlords could discriminate based on income; the county could lose some of its local recording fee money if not enough landlords participated in the program; the vouchers are preferred to be used in privately owned rental housing. The number to call in order to leave a message for all legislators is 1-800-562-6000.
We also sent a letter to the KRCC regarding the countywide planning policies. In the Housing area, there was a recommendation to remove affordable housing and low income, which takes away the focus of the section on affordable housing. Terry will attach a copy of the letter in the Thursday Journal.
Project Connect – Bev Kincaid: Bev is still wrapping up this event. She is going to the Bremerton City Council tonight to give a debrief. She has received surveys from the agencies and is working on compiling the outputs and will email them to Terry. About 10% of the people completed an exit survey. Regional HUD has indicated that the newspaper insert is a “best practice” for getting the word out about the event. There is a debrief scheduled for Thursday January 24 at 2:00 pm. There is some funding left. Bev will meet with the Executive Committee to determine how to best use that funding. 
Point in Time Count – Terry Schroeder: Terry is working on inputting the forms. It looks like the count will be a little bit higher than it was last year. .
Outside Homeless – Sally Santana:   They met yesterday. Their primary focus has been Sally’s Camp. KCR has contacted families on their wait list. Bremerton Police and Kitsap County Sheriff Office are on board. In order to get in to Sally’s Camp, families need to go to KCR, 1201 Park Avenue, Bremerton to complete an application and background check. A lot of the people on KCR’s wait list are couch surfing and preferring to stay where they are as opposed to going to Sally’s Camp. There were two families prior to today and another family is being placed today. If anyone is interested in helping at Sally’s Camp, contact Greg Fontenette. Any donations for Sally’s Camp should be taken to The Salvation Army. 
Community Education and Outreach – Sally Santana: They are working on a Marketing Plan for Sally’s Camp.
Coordinated Entry – Kirsten Jewell: They met once and are putting out a survey to see what the similarities/differences are between agencies in providing services. They also discussed who else needs to be at the table and those people have been invited for the next meeting, which is scheduled for February 24.
Kitsap County CDBG – Shannon Bauman: Those who are receiving funding for 2011 will be getting letters. There are likely to be cuts for that funding. In 2012, they are looking at a 7% cut for CDBG and HOME funding.
Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell:  They are working on the coordinated grant application. They are working on the schedule and will put out the calendar as soon as they have dates set. The application process will likely begin sometime in May.
Kitsap Mental Health Services – Sheila Gilliam:  Burwell Place is now inhabited. 
O’Hana House – Tamee Cyphers: Both O’Hana and Lighthouse are completely full. 
Habitat for Humanity – Greg Alkire: They will be building six homes in Bremerton, in Bay Vista. Their application is available on their website, and Terry did send it out in early February.
Kitsap Community Resources – Darlene Cook: Energy Assistance received some additional funding. Clients do not have to be in crisis; if they have not received energy assistance this year, they should call 360-479-1507. 
Bremerton Rescue Mission – Walt LeCouteur: They just placed two people into their first Discipleship House. This house is available for two to six months. Georgia House will be opening in February. This week, they are signing the lease with Paratransit Services. This is a shelter for women and children in coordination with the Weaver Foundation.
Housing Resources Board – Phedra Elliott: They have two one-bedroom units available. One is $675 and the other is $726. Income needs to be 60% AMI or below to qualify for this housing. Terry will include this on the Current Rental Availability list in tomorrow’s TJ.
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah VanCleve, Secretary
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