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March 2011 Minutes

March 16, 2011 Meeting Minutes


1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Phedra Elliott.

2.                  Attendance: Phedra Elliott – Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Darlene Cook – Past Chair, Sally Santana – Member at Large, Walt LeCouteur, Sheila Gilliam, Judy Combes, Stacy Graff, Betsi Kuker, Jennifer Laslovich, Shannon Bauman, Jim Baker, Jim Stowers, Clara Ann Ness, Ruth Westergaard, Kirsten Jewell, Diana Gilman, Dave Frederick,  Imari Stone, Linda Kerkes, Linda Hollingsworth, Leif Bentsen, Raelenea Rodriguez, Tamee Cyphers, Terry Schroeder – Staff

3.                  Introductions were made around the table.

4.                  Agenda Review:  No changes were made to the agenda.

Minutes: February Meeting minutes – Sally Santana moved to approve, Walt LeCouteur seconded and they were approved as presented. 

King County Committee to End Homelessness – Bill Block:  Homelessness in King County looks somewhat the same, but larger than Kitsap.  King County showed 8,600 persons in their PIT count, while Kitsap’s is between 700 and 800.   The Downtown Emergency Services Center is encouraging.  It has shown that people do care about having housing and that once they are housed, they are better able to deal with some of their other issues, such as chemical dependency, mental health, etc.  The statement, “Everyone has a right to housing” does not poll well; people do not necessarily agree with that statement.  However, the statement, “Everyone has an opportunity to have housing” does poll well.  King County has 3700 units of supportive housing with 800 in the pipeline.  They have coordinated entry for individuals and are in the process of getting it ser up for families.  They have a landlord liaison project with 24/7 response, which covers whatever is needed.  They have a jail program where people who are in jail short term (under 90 days), are not homeless, but will be when they exit.  They can provide money to prevent those persons from becoming homeless.  They have a mobile medical van that provides some medical services at various locations throughout the county.  The hospitals contribute for a respite program.  It is a 36-bed respite program for those who are medically compromised and behaviorally challenged.  It is located on one floor of the Jefferson Terrace, a Seattle Housing Authority complex, with nurses on staff and a doctor on call. The YWCA and the DESC also have respite rooms.  Their Veterans and Human Services Levy brings in $1 million per year to the county for veterans and human services.  It is the way that King County has been able to do more over the last several years.  Using the word “vet” completely changes how the public accepts a proposal; it makes it much more positive.  Capital construction is a much more cost-effective way to provide housing, than vouchers.   Capital construction costs $29/month and vouchers cost $556/month. 

Housing Stabilization Program (HSP) Housing Kitsap – Jennifer Laskovich:  The HSP has made a significant difference for the county.  A few months ago, their waiting list was 160; it is now down to 108.  Twenty of those found housing, four through Housing Kitsap and the rest in the community.  There are 54 households receiving rental assistance through HSP.  Twenty five of those were new to Housing Kitsap and were homeless prior to moving in; twenty four of them were already Housing Kitsap clients.  They have spent $135,000 in rental assistance and still have $120,000 remaining.  They are currently processing three homeless families.  They have given out 8 revolving loans at $3,300 and above.  The loans are used for providing emergency financial assistance to current tenants of KCCHA to prevent homelessness and to incoming homeless persons to overcome barriers to housing.  The HSP money funds a Homeless Stabilization Specialist, which is critical to working with families.  Most of the families that have come to Housing Kitsap and been helped with HSP funds are not persons who would typically be housed by Housing Kitsap.  They have assisted 45 families with referrals.  The HS Specialist meets with each of the HSP participants on a regular basis.  Twelve people have graduated from the program, as they are able to maintain housing on their own now.   This program has kept people housed, benefitted homeless families and helped to stabilize Housing Kitsap. 

Consolidated Grant Program – Kirsten Jewell:  With the Consolidated Grant Program (CGP), there will be a funding gap from July 2011 through December 2011 for those programs that were funded through the Homeless Housing Grant Program for the 2010 cycle.  The recommendation is to automatically extend those grants for one-half of the original grant.  A request will need to be submitted and approved by the KRCC Board.  In the CGP, there will be a way to opt out of federal funding, as they recognize that some organizations only want to apply for local funding.  The funding priorities will be approved on May 24, 2011 by the KRCC Board.  The process for the priority setting is as follows:

·         A special CoCC Stakeholders Committee  will meet on April 5, 2011, to brainstorm Housing Plan implementation priorities and current grant cycle funding priorities for the next grant cycle.

·         The Housing Funding Leadership Group will meet the week of April 1.  The will use the input from the CoCC Stakeholders Committee, as well as their knowledge and experience, to develop Homeless Housing Plan implementation priorities and current grant cycle funding priorities.

·         The Housing Funding Leadership Group priorities will go to the KCoCC for comment and concurrence at their April meeting.

·         The Funding priorities will be forwarded to the KRCC Executive Board for approval on May 24, 2011.

The Joint Application Packet will be released on April 18 and will be available for comment at the Bremerton City Council Public Hearing on May 18, 2011 and at the KRCC Public Hearing on May 24, 2011.  The mandatory Technical Assistance Meeting for all applicants will be on May 26, 2011 from 9 am to 11 am for public service applications and from 1 pm to 3 pm for capital applications.  From May 26, 2011 through July 8, 2011, Pre-Submittal Assistance is available, by appointment.  The Consolidated Grant Program application is due on July 15, 2011 by 4:30 pm at the Kitsap County Block Grant office in Bremerton.  Kirsten is preparing a Progress Report on the strategies in the Homeless Housing Plan.  An email will be sent soon, asking agencies to provide feedback on any activities they have done in the last three years on any of the strategies.

Veterans and Human Services Levy – Leif Bentsen:  Leif presented information about requesting the County Commissioners to put a Veterans and Human Services Levy on the ballot this year, either in the Primary or General election.  Deadline for getting something on the primary ballot is May 25 and for the general is in July.  The Commissioners can put it on the ballot, but they need to have documentation about the need and what the money would be used for before they would put it on.  King County has such a levy and they receive $13 million per year.  58% of the voters voted for the levy in King County.  Get back to Leif with any information as to the need and areas where this money could be used.  He will send additional information about this to Terry to include in the TJ this week.


Outside Homeless – Sally Santana:   At Sally’s Camp, they have served 13 families so far, with five being housed there now.  Four families have transtitioned to permanent housing.  The decision was made to broaden the scope of persons they serve, so they are now serving couples without children as well as families with children.  Georgia’s House has had some permitting delays.  They will be serving women with children and single women.  Information was also presented about a Veteran’s Bunk House that is being run by an individual.  This is a large house with 42 beds available that the owner rents out to single veterans. 

Community Education and Outreach – Sally Santana:  They are preparing to update the “56 Ways to Help the Homeless” brochure. 

Coordinated Entry – Kirsten Jewell:  They continue to meet regularly and people are welcome to join the group.  They have looked at different strategies in doing coordinated entry.  The group feels that the quickest way would be an RFP using Homeless Housing Program funding.  The next meeting is March 24 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm in the BHA Executive Conference Room.


Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell:  There is an HMIS Users Group meeting tomorrow, March 17 at 10 am at KCR, 845 – 8th Street, Bremerton.  There will also be HMIS training on April 24, all day at KCR, 845 – 8th Street, Bremerton.

Department of Health – Ruth Westergaard:  Ruth passed out an informational sheet about the potential risk of radiation exposure from the incidents in Japan.  Terry will also send that information in the TJ.

Agape – Diana Gilman:  They currently have openings at the women’s shelter for single women.  This is clean and sober housing.

Kitsap Parent-Child Assistance Program – Clara Ann Ness:  Clara introduced herself as the new PCAP Case Manager.   

Bremerton Rescue Mission – Walt LeCouteur:  They have two distressed homes that they are using as Discipleship Houses for single men.  These are homes that are in the process of being foreclosed, but the owner is allowing them to be used by BRM until the foreclosure is final.  These homes are clean and sober housing.  One of the homes is full and they are working on filling the second one.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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