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September 2011 Minutes

September 21, 2011 Meeting Minutes


1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Phedra Elliott.

2.                  Attendance: Phedra Elliott – Chair, Darlene Cook – Vice-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Sally Santana – Member at Large, Walt LeCouteur, Jim Stowers, Diana Gilman, Laura Kahle, Danielle Perez, Laura Schaeffer, Terry Schroeder, Rochelle Doan, Tamra Ingwaldson, Dave Frederick,  Susan Brown, Darin Gemmer, Clara Ann Ness, Betsi Kuker, Jim Baker, Ruth Gibbs, Sheila Gilliam, Kirsten Jewell

3.                  Introductions were made around the table.

4.                  Agenda Review:  No changes were made to the agenda.

Minutes: June  meeting minutes – Sally Santana moved to approve, Darlene Cook seconded and they were approved as presented. 

Nominating Committee – Sheila Gilliam: The slate of nominees for the Officers was emailed out to the members in mid-August.  The slate consists of the following:  Rochelle Doan – Chairperson effective 1/1/2012, Darlene Cook – Vice Chair (and will be Interim Chair through 12/31/2011), Sarah VanCleve – Secretary and Sally Santana – Member at Large.  Sheila asked if there were any nominations from the florr.  There were none.  Tamra Ingwaldson moved and Walt LeCouteur seconded to approve the slate of Officers as presented.  The motion was passed.

Veterans and Human Services Levy – Kitsap County Proposition 1 – Sally Santana: Sally sent around a Question/Answer brochure, a Donation/Endorsement form and a sheet for people to sign up if they would like to be included on the KitsapCares endorsement list.  The committee has moved forward to get signs printed and hope to be able to get an endorsement list in the newspaper.  Leif brought some Voter Registration packets so that the meal programs and other organizations who see homeless persons can get them signed up to vote if they aren’t already registered.  Next Tuesday 9/28, is the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council meeting.  We have a small amount of time to talk about the levy and why it is needed to the board and those in the audience.  The meetings are also aired on BKAT.  The Eggs & Issues Forum sponsored a debate of the levy; Leif represented the pro side and Jack Hamilton the con.  Leif and Major Jim Baker also spoke with the Editorial Board of The Kitsap Sun, as did Jack Hamilton.  We need to get Letters to the Editor written so that we can show support of the levy and get the information out there.  The committee has put together a Media Background document.  Everyone has a personal Christmas card/email list; send everyone in Kitsap County information about the levy and ask them to endorse it and to send on to their friends.  Let’s get the word out.  The Democrats have endorsed the levy and given a contribution.  They will be doing a news release regarding the  endorsement. 

Washington State Coalition for the Homeless (WSCH) – Terry Schroeder:  The WSCH and Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (WLIHA) have agreed to merge.  The merger is effective October 1.  They will be releasing a statement to that effect soon.  At the Board meeting for the WSCH, there was discussion of their Legislative agenda, which will be presented with the WLIHA.  In December, the WLIHA will have a celebration of the merger of the two organizations in conjunction with their annual meeting.  More information to come on both the Legislative Agenda and the WLIHA Annual Meeting/Celebration.  Terry will also send out the news release about the merger once it becomes available.


Severe Weather – Sally Santana:  The Homeless in Kitsap newsletter had correct information on the severe weather shelter for this upcoming winter.  The only change from last year is that the opening of the shelter will be determined by the weather in Bremerton.

Outside Homeless – Sally Santana:  They spent some time going over the levy and where we are in that process.  There was discussion regarding the issue of the Disability Lifeline – Unemployable (DL-U) recipients who will be terminated on October 31, with assistance for some available through the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) Program.  It is not known for sure what organization will be handling will be handling HEN, but should be determined soon.  All of the DL- U will continue to receive medical assistance.  The OH Committee decided to send a request to the SK Soroptimists to request 100 hygiene kits for female recipients of DL-U.

Quarterly Indicators – Terry Schroeder:  Siri and Terry met regarding the report.  They would like to see if there is a way to gather some information from HMIS for some of the categories.  There were some categories that were very difficult to gather the information and they discussed whether they should/could not include those categories.  Kirsten said she was willing to meet with them and go over some of the items.

Community Education and Outreach – Terry Schroeder: The CEO Committee does not currently have a chair.  There is not anyone who is currently willing to take this on and the committee would like clarification on what their goals are and what the CoCC wants them to work on.  The Executive Committee agreed to look at this in January and come up with goals.

Project Connect – Phedra Elliott:  United Way has a few board members who are willing to assist with a Project Connect event.  A meeting has been set up with the board members, Dave Foote (ED) and Phedra and Terry.  Other CoCC members who are interested in assisting with this effort are invited to attend this meeting and to let Phedra know of your interest.

Coordinated Entry – Kirsten Jewell:   The Coordinated Entry Committee has not been active since the RFP was approved by the KRCC.  There was only one response to the RFP, so the KRCC has decided to do a Sole Source Contract with that agency, KCR.

Veterans and Human Services Levy – Sally Santana:  The committee has decided to have signs printed (and have enough money to do so).  They will get them printed as soon as possible and out on the streets. 


KCR – Darlene Cook:  They will begin scheduling for energy assistance appointments on September 26 and begin seeing clients for energy assistance on 10/10.

Coffee Oasis – Dave Frederick:  They have purchased the building that they are in.  The architectural plans are expected to be done in October and then sent to permitting.  In December, they hope to start the remodel of the building.  They will have beds for 8 youth in three bedrooms, which will provide them a little flexibility.

Kitsap Interfaith Network – Sally Santana:  Hunger and Homelessness Week is November 13-19.  There will be a conference on Wednesday November 16 addressing poverty in Kitsap.  It does conflict with the CoCC meeting.  There was discussion regarding changing the CoCC meeting, i.e. moving it up a week.  On Saturday, there will be a lunch at The Salvation Army with elected officials serving the food.  Churches are doing a hoody drive for youth, but it hasn’t been determined how they would best be distributed. 

YWCA – Jackie Brown:  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  On October 14, the Kitsap County Domestic Violence Task Force is having a summit, regarding Human Trafficking and Youth.  There will be a “Week Without Violence” and a Survivor Celebration.  They currently have one opening in the shelter and one unit in North Kitsap in their transitional housing for a family who is homeless due to domestic violence.

Bremerton Rescue Mission – Walt LeCouteur:  They have received their shower unit and it should be ready to be out to the streets in October.  They will have the shower unit and food truck at the Norm Dicks Government Center on the Friday night of the Homelessness and Hunger Week.

West Sound Youth For Christ – Darin Gemmer:  They are moving to Silverdale on October 1.  Their address will be: 10125 Frontier Place NW, Silverdale (across from CK Junior High).  They serve at risk youth and provide Idenpendent Living Skills for youth ages 15-21 who are foster care related.  They have combined their West Bremerton and North Kitsap offices to Silverdale.

Parent Child Assistance Program – Clara Ann Ness:  The have room for a couple of women in their program, which serves pregnant women who have used drugs/alcohol during their pregnancy.

StandUp for Kids – Susan Brown:  They continue to support requests for food and clothing for homeless youth from the alternative schools in the county.

North Kitsap Fishline – Rae Rodriguez:  The Gateway Fellowship is holding their 2nd Annual Day of Hope on October 8 from 10 am to 2 pm.  It is similar to Project Connect, where they try to connect those in need with services.

Bremerton Housing Authority – Sarah VanCleve:  The Summit is 65% leased and Bay Vista South is almost completed.  Nothing is open right now.  They are experiencing some staff reductions, due to a loss of funding from the federal government.  The biggest cut is in the Contract Management through the State of Washington as well as some other states.  They have had to eliminate over 25 positions; it has been difficult for all of the staff.

Crime Victims Awareness – Tamra Ingwaldson:  Brochures about the program were distributed.  She has more in the car, if someone would like a bunch to put out in their organization.  October is Anti-Bullying month and they are focusing especially on cyber bullying.  It is not really a school-related issue, but often it involves the school.  Tamra can assist with legal issues related.  Peer pressure is the most important way to get cyber buyllying stopped.

KCR – Jim Stowers:  Their shelters are full.  They have not been using the Safe Park as much, due to Sally’s Camp and Georgia’s Place, but it is still available.  The families in the Safe Park are case managed, just like any other family in one of their programs.   North Kitsap also has a Safe Park for homeless single women.

Westsound Treatment – Betsi Kuker:  Forward Bound is full.  They have a waiting list and will refer out to other programs.

Kitsap Recovery Center – Laura Kahle:  The Guest Program is full.  The persons housed there are also case managed.  Many of them are getting housed in an Oxford House and other sobriety housing.

Kitsap Mental Health Services – Rochelle Doan: KCR helped weatherize some of their facilities.  There will be another Mental Health First Aid class in November.

Housing Resources Board – Phedra Elliott:  They are accepting applications for the home ownership project, Ferncliff Village.  There are 24 homes being built.  Phedra will send an electronic application to Terry to be included in the TJ.  They also had 8 apartments weatherized through KCR.

The Salvation Army – Major Jim Baker: They will take applications for the holiday two weeks earlier than normal.  In mid-October, persons who are interested in being a Bell Ringer will need to apply through Labor Ready.  Nothing new on the Hygiene Center.  Their meal count is slightly higher than last month, with an average of 158 meals/day (1/3 at breakfast and 2/3 at lunch).

Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell:  The Grant Review Committee had an incredibly difficult job making recommendations for the Coordinated Grant Program.  It was a difficult cycle with more than two times as many requests as there was money available.  The recommendations will be released this Friday morning (September 23).  They will go to the KRCC Board on Tuesday September 27 and they will open the public comment period for 30 days.  There will be a public hearing on November 1, at a special KRCC Board meeting and the Board will take action at that special meeting.  On October 6, there will be an HMIS Users Meeting at 9 am at KCR, 845 – 8th Street, with HMIS Basic Training at 10:30.  RSVP to Kirsten if you plan to attend.

DSHS – Danielle Perez:  WorkFirst Case Managers are meeting with those customers who are on a “Child Only” case  to determine if they will continue to be eligible.  Those who are receiving a “Non-Needy Relative” assistance because they are taking care of a relative’s child (such as a grandchild, niece/nephew, etc.), are also being assessed as there are now income eligibility guidelines.  All are encouraged to apply to determine if they are eligible instead of assuming they will not be eligible.  They have not been able to fill any positions recently and now have only two supervisors in the office.

Veterans Assistance Program – Leif Bentsen:  There is a Veterans Loan Program for home repairs through Habitat for Humanity.  The Veterans Assistance Program will be down about $100,000 next year.  Leif distributed voter registration packets to anyone who could get them out.  Persons can give a street address, but must have a mailing address, which can be an agency address.  There were 138 veterans at the StandDown.  The numbers were down a bit, primarily due to having the event on a weekday instead of a weekend.

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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July 2011 Minutes

July 20, 2011 Meeting Minutes


1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Phedra Elliott.

2.                  Attendance: Phedra Elliott – Chair, Darlene Cook – Vice-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Sally Santana – Member at Large, Walt LeCouteur, Jim Stowers, Diana Gilman, Linda Kerkes, Lisa Romwall, Danielle Perez, Julie Graves, Terry Schroeder, Kirsten Jewell, Beverly Kincaid, Sheila Gilliam, Rochelle Doan, Linda Hollingsworth, Tamra Ingwaldson, Robin O’Grady, Dave Frederick, Trudy Stacy, Rick Cortes, Susan Brown

3.                  Introductions were made around the table.

4.                  Agenda Review:  No changes were made to the agenda.

Minutes: June  meeting minutes – Sally Santana moved to approve, Walt LeCouteur seconded and they were approved as presented. 

Grant Review Committee – Kirsten Jewell:  With the Combined Grant Application, the Kitsap Continuum of Care Coalition is responsible to nominate two persons to serve on the Grant Review Committee for the public service applications and two to serve on the capital applications.  These four people will join the overall committee.  We received some nominations, but need one more person for the capital review committee.  The names and a brief overview of those we have selected were announced.  If anyone has a recommendation for the capital GRC, let Terry know.  Tamra Ingwaldson moved and Sheila Gilliam seconded to accept the nominations we have and to allow the Executive Committee to approve an additional nomination, if we receive other applications.  The motion passed.

Overview of the 2011 Legislative Session re: Homelessness and Effective Advocacy Techniques for 2012 – Seth Dawson:  Seth will send out a composite bill report to Terry to be passed on to the CoCC.  Seth represents 14 clients in the social services arena as a legislative advocate/lobbyist, including Washington State Coalition for the Homeless.  This past year was a bad budget year.  The Recording Fee bill was very discouraging, but he plans to work on it next session and try to deal with some of the issues proactively.  It is necessary to get the sunset lifted that goes into effect on July 1, 2013.  On Disability Lifeline, they salvaged as much as was possible, given that the Governor and Senate wanted to eliminate DL totally.  A final report on the budget will be sent out once details are available.  Calls and emails to legislators is very important and really do help get legislation passed.  It definitely increases the chances of being successful.  Grass root support on the recording fee was not lacking.  You definitely do not want to give the legislators the out of saying, “I didn’t hear from the Kitsap CoCC.”


As far as advocacy, learn what you can co.  Thanks to legislators for good things done is something anyone can do and is very important.  If you don’t believe you can do anything else, at least do that.  Composing your own letter, using local information is more beneficial than using a form letter.  Positive reinforcement is great, but negative may do more harm.  Become politically active; volunteer for campaigns and give some time to a campaign or candidate.  This past session, there were 30 political action committees focused on a specific area. 

The value of Advocacy Days is that it raises the importance of the subject matter.  Wearing a similar article of clothing, such as the red scarves that were worn at Housing and Homeless Advocacy Day is very impactful.  One of the important talking points is why it is in the best interest of the taxpayers to support your issue.  Make language work; what is in it for you.  Be sure to let voters know how it will impact them.  Make it about “you” not about those people the voters don’t care about. 

Advocacy is providing information and education to legislators.  You can present both the positive and negative impacts.  Most non-profits cannot use funding that specifically says that lobbying is not allowed.  A good contact at the WA Low Income Housing Alliance (WLIHA) is Moque Krape.  It is important to remember that there are always positive stories.  Keep repeating those stories. 


Outside Homeless – Sally Santana:  We had a couple of visitors from HUD, here to see how things are done in Kitsap County.  Discussion was regarding the closure of Sally’s Camp and Walt’s proposed 24/7 emergency shelter.  He is in the early planning stages at this time.

Veterans and Human Services Levy – Terry Schroeder:  The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) had a work study session this morning and several committee members were present.  They decided to add the levy to the business meeting at the BCC meeting on Monday July 25, 2011.  It is important to have as many supporters as possible attend this meeting.  The committee did decide to do a 50/50 split of the money between veterans and other human services.  The goal is to work toward the elimination of homelessness.  The July 25 will be considered the public notification.  The BCC meeting begins at 7:00 pm at the County Administration Building in Port Orchard.  Letters of support directed to the County Commissioners, with a cc to Leif will be appreciated.  Some things that could be talked about in the letters is the dollar amount ($15/year for a home valued at $300,000), an investment in our community.  The Commissioners want impactful statements as to the need for this money.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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June 2011 Minutes

June 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes


1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Vice-Chair Darlene Cook.

2.                  Attendance: Darlene Cook – Vice-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Walt LeCouteur, Betsi Kuker, Greg Fontenette, Jim Stowers, Clara Ann Ness, Diana Gilman, Laura Kahle, Danielle Perez, Jennifer Laslovich, Terry Schroeder, Kirsten Jewell, Darin Gemmer, Beverly Kincaid, Ruth Westergaard, Jackie Brown, Sheila Gilliam, Linda Hollingsworth, Leann Weaver, Greg Alkire, Vicki Adams, Leif Bentsen

3.                  Introductions were made around the table.

4.                  Agenda Review:  No changes were made to the agenda.

Minutes: May meeting minutes – Sarah VanCleve moved to approve, Greg Fontenette seconded and they were approved as presented. 

Pierce County Coordinated Entry – Troy Christensen:  Troy works for Pierce County and oversees their homeless programs.  They received a Gates Foundation grant in order to evaluate and build up their homeless systems.  As a part of that, they decided to put together a comprehensive coordinated entry program.  There are some differences between coordinated entry and centralized intake:  coordinated entry ~ the way people get into the system is coordinated; centralized intake ~ is a form of coordinated entry that is centralized in one or more locations.  There are many different ways to do coordinated entry.

Pierce County decided to set aside $750,000 of the homeless housing funding (2163) increase from 2331, with a match from Washington Family Fund.  They decided they wanted to have a single organization responsible for doing the comprehensive risk assessments (intake and screening).  Associated Ministries is the agency that is responsible for the coordinated entry.  Some agencies still do a full assessment.  They will be putting into the Consolidate Homeless Grant program that agencies cannot directly accept referrals (all referrals must go through Associated Ministries) and that they cannot repeat questions to clients (cannot do another full assessment).  Several agencies were able to either eliminate intake staff or change the function of that staff person when this process started.  They have a few agencies that continue to say they get mis-matches, but the majority do not.  They allow agencies to indicate areas of specialization.  Both the Tacoma and Pierce County Housing Authorities participate.  The process works as follows: 

  1. The client calls to make an appointment.  Phone screening (3 pages) is done to determine if they are eligible for prevention services, which could be received in 2-3 days.
  2. If not eligible for prevention services, they receive an appointment for an intake/full assessment in about 2 weeks.  There are two appointments set aside each day for emergencies.

To determine the numbers of people that they thought they would need to assess on a monthly basis, they used the most recent PIT count, HMIS information, OSPI information, and turnaways from agencies that serve homeless families in Pierce County.  For a definition of homeless, they decided to use the HEARTH Act definition as it is the broadest.  Using that information, they felt they would have about 500 persons per month who were actually homeless; they ended up with an unduplicated number of 2200 qualified persons per month and are still at that rate.  The vast majority are families ~ those timing out of unemployment benefits, TANF benefits and soon Disability Lifeline benefits.  Within the first month, they were 6 weeks out to get an appointment.  They added some temporary staff and two interns and narrowed the definition of homeless and have decreased that to about 2 weeks to get an appointment.  Those who need simple prevention go through the phone screening and then are served.  They are working on a separate system for anticipated openings (a web-based spreadsheet).  Agencies would go in each day and put in their anticipated openings.  They do work with 2-1-1, who can forward calls to Central Intake.  They initially asked for extended hours, 7 am to 7 pm and four locations (downtown Tacoma, Helping Hand House ~ Puyallup, WorkSource ~ Lakewood, Children’s Home Society ~ Key Peninsula).  Based on information from Grand Rapids, Michigan, they did not feel there was enough activity over the weekends to warrant keeping the office open.  Victims of domestic violence do not need to go through central intake, but all other populations do.  For those people who cannot be placed immediately, staff work with them to determine ways to prevent them from becoming homeless or places where they can stay until a shelter opens up.  Pierce County is releasing an RFP this week for a landlord liaison position.  Their coordinated entry system is called “Access Point 4 Housing” and the website is

Coordinated Grant Application – Kirsten Jewell:   For review of the Coordinated Grant Applications, a Grant Recommendation Committee (GRC) is needed.  This committee will have a total of 4 persons recommended by the Continuum of Care Coalition ~ two for the public service applications and two for the capital applications.  Since no one who is affiliated with an agency applying, most of the CoCC members will not be able to be on the GRC.  There are specific types of experience that they are looking for in each group.  An application has been developed, which will be included in the Thursday Journal this week.  The funders would like to have geographic diversity and experience diversity, among the full GRC (a total of 8 members for public service and 8 for capital.  The application packet is online and a calendar is at the front of the packet.  They will be using partial electronic submittal, but will still require 3 paper copies and 1 pdf on a cd or jump drive.   The CoCC will need to identify 2 persons to sit on the Grant Review Committee (GRC) for the public service applications and two people for the capital applications.  We will discuss the process for this at a later date.

CoCC Bylaws – Terry Schroeder:  The bylaws were approved via an email vote and the revised bylaws will be sent with the Thursday Journal this week.



Outside Homeless – Terry Schroeder:  At the last meeting, there was discussion regarding a draft business plan for a 24/7 shelter; the draft is about 60-75% complete.  There was also discussion regarding a proposal from Bremerton Rescue Mission to open a permanent overnight emergency shelter.  This is in the early stages.  Walt LeCouteur has put together an informational sheet on this and that will be included with the Thursday Journal this week.  The committee was invited to participate in the “Lunch with the Electeds” and the Safety Net Forum that follows lunch.  A motion was brought forth from the Outside Homeless Committee to: Have the CoCC send a letter to jurisdictions encouraging them to enact an emergency ordinance allowing recreational vehicles on private property.  Leif Bentsen moved and Walt LeCouteur seconded a motion, Send a letter to city jurisdictions encouraging them to adopt legislation that allows organizations and private property owners to establish encampments, safe parks and other provisions for the homeless similar to Kitsap County Ordinance # 466-2010 .  The motion passed.

Community Education and Outreach – Terry Schroeder:  They continue to work on updating the brochure on “Ways to Help the Homeless”.  The Executive Committee had a few suggestions, including that only member agencies should be included.  A suggestion was made to change the title so that we are not identifying people as homeless.  The suggestion was “How You can Help End Homelessness in Kitsap County”.  That will be brought back to the committee and the Executive Committee.


The Salvation Army – Greg Fontenette:  Sally’s Camp will be closing as of June 27.  They have some supplies available, such as toys, microwave oven, and kitchen equipment.  Contact Greg if interested.    

Housing Kitsap – Jennifer Laslovich:  Housing Kitsap currently has positions open ~ 1) Procurement Officer, 2) Assistant Housing Manager, 3) Assistant Maintenance Manager and 4) Temporary Maintenance person.  Jennifer reported that they have a balanced budget prior to the start of their fiscal year and that Julie Graves will be the designated CoCC representative for HK.  Both Eli’s Place and Martin Avenue are now owned and operated by YWCA.  Both were previously owned by HK and Martin Avenue had been operated by KCR until the first part of this year when YWCA took it over.  Eli’s Place has always been operated by YWCA.  On July 25, they are moving to the Norm Dicks Government Center (NDGC).  They will be closed on July 22 and July 25, reopening on July 26 at the NDGC.

Kitsap County – Leif Bentsen:  He would like to have a group of leaders from the CoCC to set a date and time to meet for a couple of hours to start working on a convincing proposal for the Commissioners regarding the Veterans and Human Services Levy.  They set June 29 at 9:00 am at KCR as the time to meet.  They need to document the need for this levy, including the impact of state and federal budget cuts.  One question for the providers is what the demand on your services is.  Members present agreed to support a Veterans and Human Services levy.

Agape – Diana Gilman:  They have five openings in their project-based housing.  This is for single females, in recovery who are homeless at the time they enter housing and are disabled.

Kitsap Parent-Child Assistance Program – Clara Ann Ness:  They have a couple of openings for women who are pregnant or within 6 months post-partum and used alcohol/drugs during pregnancy.  The KPCAP can work with the mothers for 3 years to help them stabilize their lives.

YWCA – Jackie Brown:  They have one bed available.  They have newly acquired some transitional housing for families affected by domestic violence.  They have two or three families that they can assist with permanent housing through their Home Plus program.

Kitsap Recovery Center – Linda Kerkes:  The Guest House is full; they have six people housed there and all of them are out in the community looking for employment.

Bremerton Housing Authority – Sarah VanCleve:  They opened their wait list for section 8 on June 13 and will keep it open until it hits 500.  They anticipated a large number of people to be waiting on Monday morning, but there were only a few and it hasn’t hit 500 yet.  They have made a decision on five of the $10,000 grants, but need to have it approved by the Board before announcing.  They will re-open the process and those who were not funded or anyone who wasn’t able to put in a request can resubmit an application in August.

Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell:  The date of the orientation for the Grant Recommendation Committee (GRC) is August 10 instead of August 11.  The GRC also need to have access to a computer as they will receive the applications on a disc.

DSHS – Bremerton CSO – Danie Perez:  Their reduced hours of operation will continue through June.

Housing Resources Board – Phedra Elliott:  They are breaking ground on Ferncliff Village.  Eighteen have been sold.  To qualify, a family must be below 80% AMI for Kitsap County.

Sound Grants – Bev Kincaid:  Bev is now officially a Bremertonian.  They have completed their move from Port Orchard to Bremerton.

Georgia’s House – Leann Weaver:  They are currently housing eleven women and one child and have a family of three coming in today.  They have provided 499 bed nights as of June 3 and have utilized 319 volunteer hours as of May 30.

Bremerton Rescue Mission – Walt LeCouteur:  They have ordered their Mobile Shower Unit this month and will have it out in the community as soon as possible once they receive it.  They had to shut down their Monday evening meal site as the location owner changed hands.  They are taking over the Tuesday/Thursday meals at Sylvan Way Baptist.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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