Minutes – December 2013

December 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes


  1. 1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:04 PM by Chair Julie Graves
  2. 2.                  Attendance:  Julie Graves – Chair, Darlene Cook – Vice Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Penny Lamping, Manny Cruz, Gina Lindal,  Linda Kerkes, Walt LeCouteur,  Linda Hollingsorth, Sandra Paulino-Winborn, Jason McMillan, Brianna McNamara, Monica Bernhard, Scott Bloom, Sara Marez-Fields, Ruth Westergaard, Terry Schroeder
  3. 3.                  Introductions were made around the table.
  4. 4.                  Agenda Review:  No changes made.

Minutes:  The minutes from the November 2013 meeting were approved with the following correction:  For the Kitsap Great Give, there will be some matching money but, most likely, there won’t be matching money for ALL contributions.

Severe Weather Shelter – Jason McMillan:  Jason provided some information on what has been going on with the shelter so far this year.  They have been open for 13 nights, serving an average of 16 guests per night.  There is a concern that if there continues to be stretches of severe weather that they meet their capacity and there is no overflow plan.  Most of the persons housed there have been individuals, but Jason knows of at least one family with minor children that was housed at the severe weather shelter.  Similarly, Kitsap Rescue Mission has served 100 unique individuals, with an average of 10 persons per day.  Jason has been approached by folks in Belfair regarding getting a severe weather shelter in their area; Jason is working with them.  The Severe Weather Shelter uses a minimum of 6 volunteers per night and likes to have up to nine.  Jason has a recruitment letter for volunteers, who can sign up at the DEM website, www.kitsapdem.org .  Once signed up, a volunteer can do an On-the-Job training at the severe weather shelter and follow up with in-person training when the next training session is available.


Kitsap Recovery Center – Linda Kerkes:  Adatsa will be gone as of January 1, due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  It is still unknown whether those who would have been ADATSA clients will now be eligible for HEN.  They are auto converting the MCS/ABD clients to the appropriate program through ACA.

Bremerton Housing – Sarah Van Cleve:  They have moved; their new address is 600 Park Avenue, Bremerton. 

Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program – Scott Bloom:  They received notification that their program has been funded for 2014.



Helpline House – Brianna McNamara – They now have an Energy Assistance worker at Helpline House, which is very helpful for their clients. 

Kitsap County Health District – Ruth Westergaard:  The In-Person Assisters are working on getting people signed up for health insurance.  Ruth brought an In-Person Assister card and Wallet Medication cards that were distributed.  They also do have Spanish-speaking assisters available.

DSHS – Bremerton CSO – Gina Lindal:  This will be Gina’s last CoCC meeting.  She introduced Sandra Paulino-Winborne, who will be attending the meetings in her place. 

Employment Security – Linda Hollingsworth:  They hope to have someone from WorkSource attend more regularly.  They have a class for military personnel who have recently separated, a transition class.  The primary purpose is to prepare military personnel for civilian employment and is available to them within 18 months prior to their separation from the military.  They also have a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) class, which is available to any veteran or their spouse who is looking for a job, as long as the veteran had a discharge other than dishonorable.

Housing Kitsap – Julie Graves:  Julie announced that the Housing Trust Fund is accepting Stage 1 applications for the next biennium (2015-2017).  Any organization that is planning a housing project in the next several years needs to check out the HTF and consider putting in a Stage 1 application.  If you don’t have one in now, it may not reopen until until 2015 or so for the next biennium.

 The meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

 Respectfully Submitted,


 Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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Minutes – November 2013

November 20, 2013 Meeting Minutes


  1. 1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:03 PM by Chair Julie Graves
  2. 2.                  Attendance:  Julie Graves – Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Chris Brunell – Member at Large, Kirsten Jewell, Penny Lamping, Lindsey Phillips, Becky Boughton, Manny Cruz, Major Jim Baker, Gina Lindal,  Linda Kerkes, Beverly Kincaid, Walt LeCouteur, Kati Eckenrode, Trudy Stacy, Shannon Prasch, Kurt Wiest, Diana Gilman, Eileen Brown, Ginny Duff, Cheri Olsen, Catherine Summers, Sheryl Piercy, Patrick Steele, Alisa Erhardt, Jeff Flood, Theresa Hinds, Nita Hock, Terry Schroeder
  3. 3.                  Introductions were made around the table.
  4. 4.                  Agenda Review:  No changes made.

Minutes:  The minutes from the October 2013 meeting were approved with the following corrections:  The Secretary, Sarah Van Cleve opened the meeting as no other Officers were available, the Project Connect report was made by Terry Schroeder; in the Public Health District report the sentence about Spanish interpreters should read, “For help in Spanish, interpreters are available at the Health District clinic in the Norm Dicks Government Center.”; United Way reported “Starting November 1, the Immigration Assistance Center will be housed at the United Way building in Bremerton” not the Public Health District.

Homeless Veteran Reintegration Projects – Christina Magdaleno:  This program is to assist veterans who need assistance to overcome barriers in order to become employed.  It is a structured, individually designed case management plan to assist veterans in removing the barriers.  The assistance provided depends on the individual and what their specific needs are.  It is only offered in some counties in Washington; Christina handles Kitsap, Pierce and Thurston counties.  Any veteran who has an “other than dishonorable discharge” is eligible to participate in the program.  Services include:  outreach services to communities, employers and providers; support services to assist participants with work readiness, obtaining employment and ensuring retention; training services to increase life skills, develop or upgrade skills, obtain certifications/licenses and follow up services to determine job retention.  They work with homeless veterans, including those literally homeless as well as those in a transitional or emergency shelter, couch surfing or at risk of homeless (being evicted in the next 14 days).  Even if a veteran comes in who is homeless, but has permanent housing set up, they can still help them, as they were homeless when they applied.  They have found that the best way to find out if someone is a veteran is by asking if they have served in the military, as opposed to asking if they are a veteran.  Many think they aren’t a veteran if they didn’t retire from the military.  Each person enrolled in the program receives an Individual Employment Plan and nine months of follow up.  Christina also passed out a packet of information providing information on the services, veteran’s responsibilities, application packet and poster.


Kitsap Recovery Center – Linda Kerkes:  They continue to be full.  There was a question about holiday items.  The alumni group is the one who works on getting items for the holidays.  Linda will contact them and get information about what is needed and send to Terry.

Bremerton Housing – Kurt Wiest: Bremerton Housing has put out a press release about their relocation to Park Avenue; a copy was distributed.  They will have an open house in January.  The staff at BHA has started to adopt a non-profit agency each year and then they contribute their time and talents to that non-profit agency through the year.  They are looking for nominations for 2014; let Sarah know if you or an agency you know would like to be nominated.

Catholic Community Services – Chris Brunell:  Benedict is currently full after having plummeted to having 9 beds open at one point.  They will be remodeling the upper floor of Benedict House, so the men will need to sleep on mattresses on the floor in the common room downstairs.  It will be about 10 days, so not too bad. 

Kitsap Transit – Trudy Stacy – Trudy will be presenting to the board a proposal to continue the free ticket program for nine months.  She would like them to make the program permanent and they need this time to do public meetings, etc.  She will then go back to the board, asking to make the program permanent.

Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell:  Kirsten has been busy working on the contracts for the Homeless Housing, Affordable Housing and Consolidated Homeless Performance grants.  She is serving on the Governor’s State Advisory Committee on Homelessness.  In 2014, the state is initiating an Affordable Housing Needs Study.  This will be a statewide analysis of projects that are eligible to convert to market rate.  They will continue to do a mini version of this analysis every couple of years.  The Governor’s Initiative to End Family Homelessness is rolling out to all counties.  SAMHSA has received a federal grant to look at what we can do to reduce chronic homelessness.  The DSHS Research and Analysis website has statistical information on the percentages of persons leaving prisons who are homeless, working, what type of housing they have/need.  The document recording fees will be an important issue for the legislature again this year.  The sunset is due to be removed in 2015, which would greatly reduce the amount of funding that is available each year. The Homeless and Housing Advocacy Day, sponsored by WLIHA, is at the end of January 2014.  Terry will put the date and a link in the Thursday Journal.

Department of Corrections – Teresa Hinds:  Teresa is the new person working with offenders being released through the Earned Release Date Housing Voucher program.  She is working with Kitsap, Thurston and Mason counties.  Her contact information is:  253-680-2620, Trhnds@doc1.wa.gov

The Salvation Army – Sheryl Piercy:  The most current Homeless Newsletter is out; copies were passed out.  They have a grant for a nutrition program that will allow them to serve fresh fruits and vegetables.

Agape Unlimited – Diana Gilman:  They have two openings at their Koinonia Inn transitional housing for women with children.  She also will soon have two openings in their single men’s home.   

Kitsap Rescue Mission – Walt LeCouteur:  Walt stated that they have a professional photographer who will be taking photos of individuals and families for Christmas.  They will be setting up a studio at the Rescue Mission.  He distributed posters regarding the portraits.  Real Change is growing.  There are two new vendors this week and the vendors are coming back to get papers.  Many are already setting goals for themselves; one person who sells in Silverdale set a goal to sell 50 papers.  Their Day Room is up and running.  They are now open 6 days/week, Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.  In two weeks, they had 64 unduplicated persons coming in to the Day Room; the average stay is two hours and they are averaging about 9 persons/day. 

House of Hope – Kati Eckenrode:  They work in the Kitsap County jail, providing a class for women who are within 5 weeks of their release date.  They provide them information to help them be successful when they are released.

DSHS – Bremerton CSO – Gina Lindal:  As of October 1, the CSO does not process all medical applications.  Everyone must apply through the Health Benefit Exchange at www.wahealthplanfinder.org, 1-855-923-4633; complete a paper application which the CSO will then send to HBE or with an in-person assister.  She passed out a flyer with information on this.

Employment Security – Jeff Flood:  Jeff works with veterans to help them become job ready.  He has a group of veterans that meets from 10 am to 12 pm on Tuesdays at WorkSource Kitsap on Sylvan Way in Bremerton.    

Sound Grants – Bev Kincaid:  Bev informed all that the Community Foundation will be starting their application process soon and there will be about one month to complete it.  The Great Give is set for May 6th; non-profit organizations need to sign up ahead of time to participate.  This is a day when the public will be encouraged to give to their favorite non-profit organization, with some matching contributions.  They are also working on planning on the Intergenerational Poverty grant that they received with United Way and the Suquamish Tribe.  Bev attended a Grant Professionals Workshop recently and received lots of good information, which she hopes to be able to share in some mini workshops. 

Housing Kitsap – Julie Graves: Julie is concerned about the need to preserve the existing affordable housing in Kitsap County.  There are a couple of projects in the north end that are at risk of being changed from affordable to market-rate housing ~ Robinswood, Woodcreek and Winton Woods 1.  There is a list of affordable housing properties available and when their affordable use will run out.  The question is whether there is any incentive for the owners to continue to provide affordable housing.  Due to the way the Housing Trust Fund funding works, it is difficult to get the funding lined up to purchase these properties once they come up for sale. 

Underserved Populations – Julie Graves:  At the last CoCC meeting there was discussion of the Underserved Populations report done by the KRCC Intern, Marta Holt.  There was some interest in starting subcommittees to work on some of these issues.  The issues identified, with those who are interested in being on one of the subcommittees are: 

  • Exiting from jail/prison:  Kati Eckenrode, Teresa Hinds
  • Exiting from hospitals:
  • Chemically Dependent population: Bev Kincaid, Robin O’Grady
  • Shelter for Couples:
  • Pets that belong to persons entering shelters:  Monica Bernhard

Project Connect – Julie Graves:  Julie announced that they received a grant to pay for meals from Olympic College and they will be partnering with Coffee Oasis to provide coffee at a reduced rate.  Amy Olson, Goodwill Industries, has agreed to coordinate donations.  Major Baker agreed to let the donations be stored at Cary Place, which is where The Salvation Army will be storing their Christmas items, since there is plenty of space there.  Terry will send out a list of dates and times that donations can be dropped off.  We also are checking with Kitsap Community Foundation regarding accepting donations  

Coordinator Report – Terry Schroeder:   Terry reported the SK Regional Park has been evacuated, with small groups posting Sheriff Notices with Resource information at each campsite.  To date, there have not been any reports of any further instances of homeless camping at the SK Regional Park.  The Balance of State Steering committee met to discuss how to deal with possible reductions in the Continuum of Care/McKinney funding for the 2013 grant, which should be released soon.  The Vision Council is looking at hunger and poverty issues and is looking at some films that deal with those issues and determining if they would be good to show to a larger group. 

 The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

 Respectfully Submitted,


 Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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Minutes – October 2013

October 16, 2013 Meeting Minutes


  1. 1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Secretary Sarah VanCleve
  2. 2.                  Attendance:  Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Kirsten Jewell, Jessica Thomas, Penny Lamping, Lindsey Phillips, Becky Boughton, Manny Cruz, Major Jim Baker,   Gina Lindal, Jessica Thomas, Jenell DeMatteo, Linda Kerkes, Deanne Montgomery, Beverly Kincaid, Robin O’Grady, Walt LeCouteur, Jennifer Calvin, Dave Foote, Kati Eckenrode, Denise Agee, Ruth Westergaard, Trudy Stacy, Monica Bernhard, Clara Ann Ness, Patti Peterson, Jackie Brown, Terry Schroeder
  3. 3.                  Introductions were made around the table.
  4. 4.                  Agenda Review:  No changes made.

Minutes:  The minutes from the September 2013 meeting were approved as presented.

Kitsap County Public Health District – Dave Zollweg:  Dave provided a presentation about bed bugs, “A Bed Bug Overview”.  He provided information as to what they are, how they act, how to prevent them, how to determine if you have them and how to get rid of them.  They are small, flat insects that feed on human blood, typically at night.  It takes 21 days for a bed bug to go from egg hatch to adult; they live for 12 to 18 months; they can lay eggs every 6 weeks and they can live for a long time without food.  Although some people are more sensitive to bed bug bites, there are no known cases of disease that are caused by them.  Despite common belief, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt so they can be found in a clean home as well as one that is dirty.  With clutter on a floor, they do have more places to hide.  Typically, bed bugs come into a home through luggage or clothing and may travel from one apartment to another in an apartment complex. 

Typically, they will hide in the seams of mattresses, box springs, bed frames and couches.  They are also often found in the cracks and crevices of beds, furniture, floors and walls.  Bites appear as itchy, red bite marks or welts on a person’s exposed skin, typically in a clustered area or line.  They will bite any exposed area of a person’s body ~ legs, arms, face, hands.  The best way to get rid of bed bugs is integrated management approach.  This means combining a variety of control techniques ~ vacuuming, with the nozzle attachment along the seams of mattresses and box springs and all crevices of the bed as well as other objects close to the bed.  Be sure to empty the vacuum into a sealed plastic bag.  Steam cleaning the areas is also an effective way to get rid of any bugs as they do not live in heat for any period of time.  After this, cover your mattress, box spring and pillows with a certified bed bug cover encasement.  You may also want to contact a professional pest control company to assist, especially with any pesticide management.

There are only 22 states that have any kind of statute addressing bed bugs and Washington is not one of them.   No county in Washington has a Bed Bug ordinance; they all refer to the Landlord Tenant Law, RCW 59.18.060.  Landlords are obligated to manage infestations in rental units with an exception in single family residences and in cases where the infestation is caused by the tenant.  Of course, determining who is responsible for the infestation is very difficult to determine.  The Health District will only become involved if the building is determined to be unsafe; they have no authority inside buildings.  The Health District would like to see an ordinance regarding bed bugs, mold, etc.  They are doing more in the way of education.  Walt LeCouteur stated that 50% of the missions in the US use a Hot House that people must go through before entering the mission for the night.  There also is a shelter in Portland that uses a sauna that people sit in for a period of time before entering the shelter.  It does not take bed bugs long to succumb to high heat so these methods are effective at preventing them. 

 Underserved Populations – Marta Holt:  Marta led a discussion regarding the action steps that were identified from the Presentation and Next Steps discussion held in early October.  One item that was identified was a mobile van where their belongings would be heat treated.  There were a few committees proposed.  These are already in progress at some level:  Mentally ill – homeless and at risk, Households with teenage boys, Homeless households with no income.  This is a relatively easy solution: Bedbugs – possibly a grant to purchase a mobile van shared by several agencies.  The following need committees to be started or continue: Re-entry from jail, prison or ex-offenders; exiting hospitals and needing some respite care; chemically dependent – Harm reduction facility or program; Homeless shelter for couples; Shelter/assistance for households with pets.  Those that would require long-term or systemic changes:  Chronically homeless, seniors – create more permanent affordable housing.  Some other ideas that came up: Coordination of grant efforts and Reinvigorate the Community Education and Outreach efforts of the CoCC.

Project Connect – Terry Schroeder: Terry reported that Project Connect is moving along.  Julie put in a grant to the Suquamish Tribe to cover the food costs; receiving that would be a great boost. They have a possible Donation Coordinator.


Kitsap Recovery Center – Linda Kerkes:  They are very full in all programs.  Their alumni group is enthusiastic and planning for Christmas gifts for persons in their 44-bed facility. 

Bremerton Housing – Sarah VanCleve: Bremerton Housing is moving to their new location at 600 Park Avenue in November.  Our November meeting will be at the 4040 Wheaton Way, Bremerton in November. 

Kitsap Legal Services – Becky Boughton:  They have seen their numbers increase recently.  They had a presence at Operation Hope in North Kitsap and will be at the ABCD Financial Fair.

VA Housing – Jessica Thomas – They are at Bremerton Housing every Thursday.  If there are other places where they could do outreach, be sure to let Jessica know and they will try to get something set up.  They want to do as much outreach as possible.

Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell:  The public hearing on the Grant Recommendation Committee’s recommendations for the AHFA, HH, and County CDBG grant funding will be next Tuesday, October 24 at 10 am at the Norm Dicks Government Center.  You can still submit a letter that the board would receive that morning or attend the meeting and provide input at that time.  The board will take action on the recommendations.  Kirsten has been working with Thurston and Grays Harbor counties as they were interested in how we do things in Kitsap.   

Sound Grants – Bev Kincaid: The Kitsap Great Give, similar to Seattle Foundation’s Give Big, will be May 16.  Now is the time to sign up with Kitsap Community Foundation to participate in Kitsap’s Great Give. 

The Salvation Army – Sheryl Piercy:  Their Thanksgiving meal will be on Thanksgiving Day from 11 pm to 1 pm.  They will take any leftover Thanksgiving turkeys.  The Send Hunger Packing is a community food drive from November 1 through November 30.

Westsound Treatment – Robin O’Grady:  They hope to launch their Compass program in January.  This is a Vocational program to assist persons in obtaining employment.  They will be working with various agencies and have several lined up.  They are also waiting on a Boeing grant for this program.  Robin has had her first book published, “The Optimist Edge”.  She will have it available at an event at the Conference Center.

Kitsap Rescue Mission – Walt LeCouteur:  Walt thanked everyone for their support and well wishes during his convalescence.  KRM is launching Real Change on November 5th with their first vendor meeting and distribution of the newspaper.  They need five stakeholders for community support.  Real Change wants to make sure that there is community support to back Kitsap Rescue Mission taking on this endeavor.  Real Change has started a media campaign in Kitsap.  On October 21, KRM will be opening a Winter Day Warming Room at their facility for people to come in, relax, play games and get warm.  Their Fresh Start program is moving into its full phase and will have capacity for nine men.  They have a plan to move to a larger building and are working on it.  They received a grant for transportation items, such as bus tokens, ORCA cards, gas vouchers, etc.  They will no longer be able to use the meal site at The Hub for their Friday night meals, after October31; they are in the process of finding a new site and will let us know when they do.

Kitsap Community Resources – Darlene Cook:  This Friday is their open house for Jackson Village from 2 pm to 4 pm.  Jackson Village is 10 2-bedroom units that will be available through a project-based voucher program.  It is located behind KCR’s South Kitsap site near Lund and Jackson.    

Habitat for Humanity – Ginny Duff: They are getting more Facebook usage.  They have seen 300 families in one week and more high-earner families are coming in.  One thing they are noticing is that once someone’s home is completed, getting them and their belongings moved in can be difficult.

St. Vincent de Paul – Denise Agee:  They are currently taking signups for Thanksgiving baskets; they will distribute about 400 baskets this year. 

Housing Solutions Center – Monica Bernhard:  They have been steadily busy.  Rent assistance has been available and that always increases the activity with the HSC.  The Westwood Apartments have had several units tagged red/yellow and those people have been coming in for housing assistance.  They also have received a lot of calls due to the federal shutdown.  Monica has been a part of the Outside Homeless group looking at the South Kitsap Regional Park and trying to come up with a solution for the homeless living in the park.  Two small groups walked through the park area one morning, posting Sheriff’s Order to Vacate.  They had hoped to see some people and talk with them, but they did not find anyone still there so had to leave the signs on the campsite.

Kitsap County Public Health District – Ruth Westergaard:  They will be giving free flu shots throughout the county at the various food banks.  In-person Assisters will be on site as well to assist people with navigating through the Health Benefit Exchange.  For help in Spanish, interpreters are available at the Health District clinic in the Norm Dicks Government Center. 

United Way of Kitsap – Dave Foote:  Starting November 1, the Immigration Assistance Center will be housed at the United Way building in Bremerton.  The free mobile clinic will now have prescription vouchers, funded by United Way to provide to clients who need a prescription filled.  The Kitsap Community Health Priorities (KCHP) Collective Impact Training will be held in November; please plan to attend.  Collective impact is the way we will be moving forward.  United Way, Kitsap Community Foundation, and Suquamish Tribe received a Gates Foundation grant to look at generational poverty.  KCHP will help them determine some of the parameters for that grant.  Send Hunger Packing is working on getting the major service organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions) throughout the county on board to help this effort.  The Sally Santana Aid for the Homeless fund will be matched up to $50,000.  Kitsap Sun will try to put some money in, since Sally wrote a bi-weekly column for them for many years.  The United Way Board will be setting up the priorities for funding through this account.

House of Hope – Kati Eckenrode:  They are a broad ministry that goes into jails and prisons to work with the inmates.  They have seen that a lot of the women need assistance with finding housing when they are released.

DSHS – Bremerton CSO – Gina Lindal:  As of October 1, the CSO does not process all medical applications.  Everyone must apply through the Health Benefit Exchange at www.wahealthplanfinder.org, 1-855-923-4633; complete a paper application which the CSO will then send to HBE or with an in-person assister.  She passed out a flyer with information on this.

 Kitsap Transit – Trudy Stacey:  Trudy will be presenting a resolution to the Transit Board to permanently approve the free ticket pilot program.  They also are booking their portable ORCA unit for outreach opportunities where it is expected that 10 or more people would apply. 

Parent-Child Assistance Program – ClaraAnn Ness:  Clara passed out some brochures regarding their program.  They work with pregnant or new moms who have used alcohol/drugs during their pregnancy.  They can work with them for three years to help them become stable and good moms.

Bremerton Foodline – Patti Peterson:  The Foodbank Coalition of Kitsap appreciates any support for the Send Hunger Packing that starts on November 1st. 

Coordinator Report – Terry Schroeder:  Terry reported that she continues to work with the South Kitsap Regional Park group, looking at the South Kitsap Regional Park and the area under the Blackjack Creek Bridge.  She attended: Consolidated Housing Grant meeting to determine the distribution of funding from Commerce for 2014-15, the Underserved Populations Forum, Outside Homeless Committee and Project Connect meetings. 

 The meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.

 Respectfully Submitted,


 Sarah VanCleve, Secretary


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Minutes – September 2013

September 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Co-Chair Chris Brunell.
2. Attendance: Chris Brunell – Co-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Co-Chair/Secretary, Darlene Cook – Vice-Chair, Kirsten Jewell, Jessica Thomas, Penny Lamping, Lindsey Phillips, Becky Boughton, Julie Graves, Dave Frederick, Manny Cruz, Sheryl Piercy, Jim Baker, Alex Fastle, Denise Agee, Ruth Westergaard, Ginny Duff, Gina Lindal, Jenell DeMatteo, Jeff Bailey, Tim Thompson, Christina Magdaleno, Linda Kerkes, Ruth Westergaard, Margie Sgobba, Terry Schroeder
3. Introductions were made around the table.
4. Agenda Review: No changes made.
Minutes: Chris Brunell moved and Darlene Cook seconded to approve the minutes from August 2013 as written. The motion passed.
Remembrance of Sally Santana: Major Jim Baker read to the group the prayer that he wrote for Sally’s memorial service. He stated that Sally’s brother had brought all of Gabe’s (Sally’s son) stuffed animals and said that people attending could choose one. Several people shared a memory of theirs about Sally. There was discussion about people who have offered to take over some of the things that Sally was responsible for. Sheryl Piercy and Patti Peterson have agreed to do the Community Resources Guide; Sheryl agreed to do the bi-monthly Homeless Newsletter; Major Baker agreed to chair the Outside Homeless Committee; Blessing of the Hats and Scarves during Hunger & Homeless Week is set. There are several other activities that have been done during that time; Major Baker said he would try to put together a Lunch with the Electeds. Real Change may put in a monthly column about Kitsap, titled, “Sally’s Corner”. It is felt that we need to have a special meeting to identify those areas where Sally was involved and identify folks to take them. The tribute that Sheryl Piercy wrote for Sally was read; it was suggested to include in this week’s Thursday Journal.
Department of Corrections – Housing Voucher Program – Jeff Bailey: Jeff’s responsibility for the DOC Housing Voucher Program has been for Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston, Grays Harbor, Clallam and Jefferson Counties. There are 8,000 persons who are released from Washington State prisons each year and about 1,000 use the Housing Voucher Program. There are three dates under which offenders can be released: maximum date, earned release date or actual prison release date. If an offender has a release address, they can get our under the Earned Release Date. They also much follow the facility rules and their custody facility plan. With an ERD Voucher, the offender can receive up to $500 per month for 6 months. They must continue to follow the conditions of their community supervision. If Jeff becomes aware of a non-compliance issue, he can work with the offender to help them get back into compliance.
Jeff has a large network of housing providers who are willing to rent to offenders. He also does a lot of education with the public to discuss people’s fears and allay them. He is able to find places for sex offenders to live in most circumstances. A sex offender who is released to the community is less likely to re-offend. Most sex offenders, especially those who are released to the community have offended with someone they know and they are not typically allowed to be around children. Those offenders who are more violent and have a high risk of re-offending are placed under civil commitment at McNeil Island.
For every $1 that is spent in the ERD Housing Voucher Program, $7 is saved. For those who are in the program, the Parole Officer is in and out of the home regularly and can do searches and a urinalysis. It has been shown that an offender is more vulnerable to commit a crime within the first 30 days after release. Jeff has found that 97% of offenders are typically able to find a job within a short time after release. Some of the areas that they find jobs in are: painting, landscaping and fast food. Typically, offenders are good at following directions as they have had to do so while incarcerated. Lack of motivation is one issue that he sees in some.
Coordinated Grant Application – Kirsten Jewell: The interviews are completed. The announcement of the recommendations by the Grant Review Committee will be on the website (KRCC and City of Bremerton) by Friday, September 20. On Tuesday September 24, the KRCC will hold a study session where the recommendations will be discussed. There will be no public comment at that time. Public comment will be open from Friday September 20 to Monday October 21. Action will be taken on Tuesday October 22. The City of Bremerton City Council will hold a study session on Wednesday October 23 with action being taken on Wednesday November 6th. All comments are accepted and feedback on ways to improve the process is important.
Project Connect – Julie Graves: Julie said that today’s meeting was short. There is another meeting scheduled for next Wednesday, September 25, at Benedict House, from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm. They do have the Sheridan Park Community Center reserved for Wednesday January 22.
Nomination Committee – Ruth Westergaard: Ruth passed out ballots for election of officers and then announced the new Officers to the CoCC for 2014: Julie Graves – Chair, Darlene Cook – Vice-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Chris Brunell – Member at Large.
Kitsap Public Health District – Ruth Westergaard: Ruth distributed wallet medication cards. If anyone wants more, contact Ruth and she will get them to you. On October 1, they will begin to enroll people through the Affordable Care Act. The In-person Assisters are getting ready. KCR will assist as they can, but will not have Assisters. PCHS will help people to enroll through Navigators. For information contact Pat or Shelly at 337-5235. Washington State’s Health Plan Marketplace is the Washington Healthplanfinder, www.wahealthplanfinder.org
St. Vincent de Paul – Denise Agee: They are having a coat give-away on the 2nd Saturday in October. Their 17 bed shelter is full. There have been some real challenges with the women placed, but all is well. They are looking for an Assistant Manager for the shelter.
Kitsap Legal Services – Becky Boughton: Their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course held last week went very well and they got some new volunteer attorneys. Becky distributed two handouts, “Attorney and Volunteer Advocates” and “Justice for All”, a collaborative presentation with Dispute Resolution Center.
VA Housing – Jessica Thomas – Their applications for homeless have changed.
Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell: Their intern, Mara, has done an analysis of the data she collected on the underserved populations in Kitsap. She will be doing a presentation of the data and her analysis on Wednesday October 2 at 9 am at Bremerton Housing Authority, upstairs meeting room. Following her presentation, there will be a discussion of what to do with this information. HMIS training will be done on October 1, at KCR, 845 – 8th Street in their computer lab upstairs. Basic training will be held in the morning and Reports training will be done in the afternoon. Please RSVP to Kirsten as there is limited space.
Department of Corrections – Jeff Bailey: There are 30 housing vendors in Kitsap. Due to Jeff’s large coverage area, there will be a new staff person to assist with his caseload. Once that person is on board, he will bring him to a meeting so he can get to know everyone.
The Salvation Army – Sheryl Piercy: Bell Ringer applications will start on September 30, with hiring starting at the end of October. They have energy assistance, new haircutters, shower vouchers, and some emergency student backpacks.
Senator Patty Murray’s Office – Alex Fastile: Senator Murray continues to push for a budget to pass. They will assist with the roll out of the Affordable Care Act.
The Salvation Army – Major James Baker: They hope to actually break ground and start building in the next month or so.
Kitsap Community Resources – Darlene Cook: They still have Energy Assistance money available; contact 479-1507 or www.kcr.org to apply. KCR is hosting a community meeting to discuss Kitsap’s plan to utilize the funds for Washington State Department of Commerce’s Consolidated Homeless Grant Application that is due on September 30.
Habitat for Humanity – Ginny Duff: They will be participating in the Home Show this year. They will be putting solar panels on the homes they are in the process of building in Port Orchard.
Washington Department of Veterans Assistance – Jessica Thomas: There is a Veterans Standdown at Sheridan Park Community Center in Bremerton on October 5.
Housing Solutions Center – Monica Bernhard: Rent assistance funds are available now through Rapid Rehousing and Prevention. The Advisory Council meeting was changed this month and will be this Friday, September 20 from 2 to 4 pm at KCR, 845-8th Street.
Coordinator Report – Terry Schroeder: Terry reported that she attended the South Kitsap Regional Park meeting to discuss homeless living in the park. The group also identified a concern under the Blackjack Creek Bridge where it appears a lot of homeless are living. Ekklesia, which does Outreach work in South Kitsap, will try to make contact and determine the scope of the problem. She attended the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance retreat, which included the Balance of State Continuum of Care Steering Committee and the Washington State Homeless Coordinating Committee. There was a lot of information provided in all areas. A follow-up to the Life on the Edge event is being planned for early to mid 2014 and Terry is on the planning committee for that.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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Minutes – August 2013

August 21, 2013 Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Co-Chair Chris Brunell.
2. Attendance: Chris Brunell – Co-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Co-Chair/Secretary, Darlene Cook – Vice-Chair, Monica Bernhard, Kirsten Jewell, Jessica Thomas, Clara Ann Ness, Penny Lamping, Lindsey Phillips, Becky Boughton, Julie Graves, Sara Marez-Fields, Ginny Duff, Robin O’Grady, Gina Lindal, Jenell DeMatteo, Jeff Bailey, Christina Magdaleno, Terry Schroeder
3. Introductions were made around the table.
4. Agenda Review: No changes made.
Minutes: It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes from July 2013 as written. The motion passed.
Housing Solutions Center (HSC), Monica Bernhard, HSC Manager, provided a brief history of the HSC and a copy of some quick year-to-date facts. She stated that the partner agencies are vital to HSC’s success. The intake process is typically walk-in, with appointments lasting 15-20 minutes. The Navigators will then make referrals in the community to meet the housing need of the individual/family. All housing referrals are confirmed. This year, to date, the HSC has served 1,754 unduplicated persons. Of those, 491 were literally homeless, 716 ere families with children, 553 were disabled, 1t61 were victims of domestic violence and 343 had some type of mental illness. The average income for those seen is $688 per month, which presents a challenge in getting them into permanent housing. The HSC does have a great network of landlords, but income is often the barrier.
In 2013, the HSC has seen 310 households where they were unable to serve them. The primary reasons were: under income for rent/deposit assistance, over income for rent/deposit assistance, rent/deposit funds were not available or client was on section 8. The HSC does have some Landlord Mitigation funds, which are used very sparingly. Monica represents HSC at the Puget Rental Owners Association and encourages them to participate in Housing Search Northwest, a free listing service coordinated by the Department of Commerce. She also partners with landlords to provide permanent housing, especially for those with high housing barriers. The HSC is working on creating a tool to print a customized landlord list for individual households, showing listings for which they may be qualified.
The HSC has historically been funded through a set aside of the document recording fees. They did receive that for 2014, but with some conditions. They need to determine the agency impact and have done a survey to determine that. They need to identify how various budget reductions would have an impact. They need to seek alternative funding and have identified some possible sources.
There are several areas that work well, including collaboration with housing partners, the Advisory Council, expanding street outreach and extensive HMIS reporting capabilities. There are also some challenges, including that available resources drive where they are able to refer clients, determining a long-term funding strategy, outcomes not easily measured in HMIS, and a lack of an overnight shelter. Monica ended by telling a couple of stories about how HSC made a difference in someone being able to get into permanent housing due to assistance received.
Project Connect – Julie Graves: Julie has agreed to be the Overall Chair for Project Connect. There is still a need for a Vendor Coordinator and a Donation Coordinator. The challenges with donations are getting the items that are most needed as well as a good place to store them until the event. Julie will contact the City Parks and Recreation and reserve the Sheridan Park Community Center for the Wednesday of the week of the PIT count. Terry will determine what that date is and let Julie know.
Nomination Committee – Terry Schroeder: Terry sent out the slate of Officers to the CoCC members: Julie Graves – Chair, Darlene Cook – Vice-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Chris Brunell – Member at Large. Voting will be done at the September meeting.
Coordinated Grant Application – Kirsten Jewell: There were 51 applications received. The Grant Recommendation Committee is currently scoring the applications. The interview schedule was distributed to all agencies that applied and will be held in early September. The GRC recommendations will be released on September 20th and will be presented at the September 24 KRCC board meeting.
Benedict House/HEN – Chris Brunell: The HEN program’s funding remains stable for this year. Through the Veterans Assistance Programs, veterans housed at Benedict House have received some assistance with employment search.
DSHS – Bremerton CSO – Gina Lindal: There is nothing new happening, but Gina passed out Customer Connections cards for people to share with their clients. It provides information on contacting their Customer Service Center either by phone or internet.
Kitsap Legal Services – Becky Boughton: Another Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course is being held, “Unlawful Detainer Defense Training” on September 11. This is a Landlord Tenant program. They will be training additional people to help with Housing Justice.
Washington Department of Veterans Assistance – Christina Magdaleno: They are doing outreach for homeless veterans. Flyers and cards were distributed.
PCAP = Clara Ann Ness: They have openings to work with pregnant or post-partum women who have used drugs/alcohol during their pregnancy.
Bremerton Housing Authority – Sarah VanCleve: Friday marks the end of their HOPE VI grant, which is most of Sarah’s staff. They have Community Connections, out of The Summit in Bay Vista with a Computer Lab, which is open to anyone; Barista Training and computer rebuild assistance.
Kitsap Community Resources – Jenell DeMatteo: KCR has openings at the Family Place Emergency Shelter and in their supportive housing units.
Housing Resources Board – Penny Lamping: Penny thanked Jeff, from Department of Corrections in being a great resource for them.
Westsound Treatment Center – Robin O’Grady: They are gearing up to officially launch COMPASS, a career skill building program. It will be offered at West Sound and partner agencies.
Kitsap Community Resources – Darlene Cook: Energy Assistance money is still available; contact 479-1507 or www.kcr.org to apply. There is Veteran’s Assistance funding available; veterans must go through the VFW or American Legion for referral. Kinship Care funding for a household who has taken in a relative’s minor child is available. This money is available to assist the family with the transition.
Habitat for Humanity – Ginny Duff: They just broke ground on a 32 house project in Port Orchard. They continue to accept applications.
Coordinator Report – Terry Schroeder: Terry reported that she has attended Outside Homeless committee meeting discussing Kitsap Rescue Mission’s efforts toward an overnight shelter and the South Kitsap Regional Park, where there have been issues with some homeless people living there. Terry assisted Marta Holt, KRCC intern, with a housing inventory chart that she put together as part of her project. Information was received regarding HEN and WLIHA’s letter to Department of Commerce regarding concerns about the HEN changes (inspections and rolling HEN into the CHG). Terry also attended the United Way Vision Council meeting on Hunger.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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Minutes – July 2013

July 17, 2013 Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Co-Chair Chris Brunell.
2. Attendance: Chris Brunell – Co-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Co-Chair/Secretary, Monica Bernhard, Kirsten Jewell, Denise Agee, Susan Brown, Penny Lamping, Linda Kerkes, Becky Boughton, Julie Graves, Patti Peterson, Tara Moss, Marta Holt, Walt LeCouteur, Ginny Duff, Diana Gilman, Kim Stevens, Susan Kaiser, Robin O’Grady, Beverly Kincaid, Gina Lindal, Jenell DeMatteo, Tim Thompson, Jeff Bailey, Dave Frederick, Scott Bloom, Christina Magdaleno, Terry Schroeder
3. Introductions were made around the table.
4. Agenda Review: No changes made.
Minutes: Denise Agee moved and Bev Kincaid seconded to approve the minutes from June 2013.
Real Change: Tara Moss, Program and Human Resources Manager for Real Change. Real Change is a street newspaper with a weekly distribution of over 800,000. The homeless and low-income vendors make about $1 million per year. The vendors buy each paper for $.60 and sell it for $2. Real Change also has an Advocacy Department. Two of the things they are currently working on are stopping the clearing of tent sites and aggressive panhandling. They currently have approximately 300 vendors selling their newspaper. Real Change is a member of the North American Street Newspapers and the International Street Newspaper and is one of the largest in the US. The one thing they have not done is to start a satellite location. They hope to do that in Bremerton.
Vendors are considered independent contractors and are held accountable for their behavior. Information about Real Change, including their annual report and most current newspaper was distributed. The vendors do not need a business license as they are protected by free speech. If they sell on a store front or on private property, they must get permission from the store/business. Store fronts tend to be the best places to sell the newspaper. Vendors typically sell in the same location and have regular customers. Curbside vendors are the most likely option for Bremerton.
A question as to how the content would be made relevant to Bremerton. Depending on circulation, they may be able to focus a little more on Bremerton/Kitsap information. The Board of Directors has identified expansion as one of their goals. Real Change feels that a goal of 7 to 15 vendors in the Bremerton area would be a good start. In surveying readers, 70-80% say that their primary reason to buy the newspaper is the vendors. Real Change currently has over 100-200 vendors per month. They do need people to assist Bremerton Foodline in this venture. They would come over every two weeks or so to do the vendor training.
The test sale day that was done last month only resulted in one newspaper being sold. The key is going to be acceptance within the community. Money has been put aside for marketing, but it will also be useful for CoCC members, clients and volunteers to help disseminate information about Real Change coming to Bremerton. There was a question regarding vendors who would use the money they earn to support their chemical addiction. Real Change’s philosophy is to not tell people what to do with the money they earn. However, they are accountable for their behavior and are not to show up for work inebriated or high. Tara can be contacted at 206-441-3247, x204, www.realchangenews.org
Project Connect – Chris Brunell: Chris stressed that we still need an Overall Coordinator and a Vendor Coordinator in order to do a Project Connect event. Let anyone on the Executive Committee know if you are interested.
Nomination Committee – Terry Schroeder: The nomination committee met and will have their slate of officers ready in early August.
Coordinator Report – Terry Schroeder: Terry reported that she has attended Outside Homeless where they have been discussing goals that they can support. At this time, they are focusing on supporting Kitsap Rescue Mission’s goal to get an overnight shelter operational. They have also discussed the various statistics and will have a subcommittee look at how these statistics provide a clear picture of homelessness in Kitsap County. She also worked on the application for the Coordination activities of the CoCC, participated in a conference call for the Homeless Advisory Committee, and attended the HSC Advisory Committee and a Vision Council meeting.
Department of Corrections – Jeff Bailey: Jeff is the person who is working with the earned release date housing voucher program for Kitsap County. He has a network of landlords who are willing to rent to felons. He has more landlords than he is able to use typically. If someone has a felon who has income and needs housing, he would be happy to provide information on landlords that may be willing to rent to that person. In his program, those that receive their earned release, receive a voucher for housing assistance that is good for three months. Jeff can be contacted at jeff.bailey@doc.wa.gov or 253-680-2741.
Housing Solutions Center – Monica Bernhard: Monica and the Advisory Board received the list of questions that the KRCC wanted to be answered as part of their set-aside request. They will need information from their partner agencies in answering some of the questions. There is also a committee that is working on researching and applying for other funding sources. Their wait list remains short and their statistics remain consistent.
St. Vincent de Paul – Denise Agee: Denise shared some challenges she has recently had at their shelter. They do have some openings at the present time.
Benedict House/HEN – Chris Brunell: Benedict House is full, except for the family room; with space for a father and one or two children. The group of men living there are a good group, with about 75% working or going to school. HEN received funding for this year with some limitations. There is a Run4Shelter that will benefit Benedict House and Stella Maris shelters on August 3rd, starting at Our Lady Star of the Sea.
DSHS – Bremerton CSO – Gina Lindal: The CSO is able to provide anyone who is receiving services through their office with a card that they can take to Department of Licensing and be issued a Washington State ID card for $5. They can be receiving just medical or food assistance.
Kitsap Recovery Center – Linda Kerkes: They have had a lot of coming and going in the Guest Program, but are keeping full. Their numbers are higher than normal and their inpatient program is also full.
Washington Department of Veterans Assistance – Christina Magdaleno: They were awarded some optional funding for their programs.
Bremerton Foodline – Patti Peterson: Patti continues to work toward getting Real Change on board in Kitsap. They are gearing up to be used as the Severe Weather Shelter again this year. Patty asked for people to contact legislators regarding totally cutting the Farm Bill with no other bill to replace; the Farm Bill provides a lot of food assistance for vulnerable persons.
Bremerton Housing Authority – Sarah VanCleve: They are closing their Public Housing wait list on July 31. . There is currently about a 4-5 year wait, so they are not sure when they will be able to reopen. Public Housing is subsidized at 30% of the client’s income, but the subsidy stays with the unit. Section 8 (wait list is NOT open) is a portable voucher that stays with the client.
Kitsap Community Resources – Jenell DeMatteo: KCR has openings at the Family Place Emergency Shelter and in their supportive housing units.
Housing Kitsap – Julie Graves: Julie talked about the Woodcreek and Robinswood projects that have met the criteria and could be up for sale and no longer offer subsidized units. She has talked with the US RD Specialist who did indicate that if the projects no longer offer subsidies, the current residents in subsidized units will receive vouchers. The vouchers are helpful, but Kitsap County could still lose several units of subsidized housing and that is not a positive thing for the community as a whole. Virginia Villa is another complex that is not currently for sale, but has been on and off the market. Unfortunately, Housing Trust Fund money, that could be used to purchase these projects and then sustain the subsidies, has to have application submitted by January of the first year of the biennium in which the money would be needed (i.e. for the 2013-2015 biennium, requests had to be submitted by January 2013). Julie would like to find a way to proactively address the potential loss of these subsidized units.
Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewell: Kirsten stated that the HMIS version 5 seems to be working well, after being rolled out a few weeks ago. They received 51 applications through the Coordinated Grant Application process – 36 were services and 15 were capital applications. The applications represent approximately $4 million in requests with approximately $2.8 million to distribute.
Housing Resources Board – Penny Lamping: HRB has met with the new Bainbridge police chief. They continue to work with NK Fishline on a Home Share program in Poulsbo.
Westsound Treatment Center – Robin O’Grady: They have a lot of people waiting for inpatient treatment. They are also seeing a lot of older adults with physical disabilities.
DSHS – Home & Community Services – Susan Kaiser: They provide for older adults in residential programs and work with their caregiver when they return home.
Agape – Diana Gilman: They have one empty bed right now and have seen a huge increase of pregnant moms in their programs. They currently have a couple of tenant-based units available, but the person would need income.
Habitat for Humanity – Ginny Duff: They are accepting applications on an ongoing basis with the mandatory application meeting being held on the second Wednesday of the month at 10 am or the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. Their new office is open, in the old Hallmark in East Bremerton, 3559 Wheaton Way, Bremerton (near their new store location). They have plans to build 32 homes over the next several years.
Kitsap Rescue Mission – Walt LeCouteur: Kitsap Rescue Mission lost the building they had hoped to be able to use for an overnight shelter. They continue to look for a building that they can use. Their Fresh Start House with eight beds has purposely dropped numbers as they are restructuring to add in the next phase of their program.
Coffee Oasis – Dave Frederick: They have completed the remodel of their Port Orchard site, which now has a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor. They are working on a partnership with DSHS to provide housing to youth, ages 18-21, who are leaving foster care.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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Minutes – June 2013

June 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Co-Chair Chris Brunell.
2. Attendance: Chris Brunell – Co-Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Co-Chair/Secretary, Darlene Cook – Vice Chair, Monica Bernhard, Kirsten Jewell, Denise Agee, Shannon Prasch, Jackie Brown, Deanne Montgomery, Manny Cruz, Susan Brown, Ruth Westergaard, Penny Lamping, Linda Kerkes, Becky Boughton, Ann E, Garner, Trudy Stacy, Leif Wagner, Julie Graves, Terry Schroeder, Kerry Dobbelaere, Nancy Schnoor
3. Introductions were made around the table.
4. Agenda Review: No changes made.
Minutes: Darlene Cook moved and Chris Brunell seconded to approve the minutes from May 2013.
Affordable Care Act: Nancy Schnoor, Peninsula Community Health Services and Kerry Dobbelaere, Kitsap Public Health District, presented information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how things will work in Kitsap. Nancy provided an overview of the ACA. There are 2 primary goals; increase the number of insured individuals and decrease the overall cost of healthcare. In Washington State, Medicaid will be available to anyone whose income is below 138% of the federal poverty level. Small businesses are not required to purchase insurance, but there are tax rebates if they do so, up to 50% in 2014. Large businesses must provide affordable and meaningful insurance. Affordable is defined as below 9.5% of the household income and meaningful is the insurance pays 60% of benefits. Most people are required to have insurance or they will be fined, with several exceptions. The fine starts at $95 in 2014 and will increase; the maximum fine will be 1% of your income. There are subsidies available for individuals who earn up to $45,000 per year. If a person/family has insurance for 9 months or more, there will not be a fine.
The Health Benefit Exchange is the online marketplace to compare and enroll in qualified health insurance plans. They have set the standards for a qualified health plan. In Washington, this will be known as the Health Plan Finder. Open enrollment will start on October 1, 2013, with health care being effective January 1, 2014. Tax credits are available to individuals/families with household income between 139-400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Cost sharing reductions are available to persons whose income is below 250% of the FPL. There are 10 essential benefits that must be included in a health plan: ambulatory services, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance use disorder services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, laboratory services, preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management, pediatric services, including oral and vision care. There are four levels of cost sharing, depending on the level of benefits.
In Kitsap, there are approximately 27,000 uninsured persons that are expected to be eligible for subsidized health insurance. About 9,000 of those people will be eligible for Medicaid. In 2012, PCHS served over 10,000 uninsured persons.
The Kitsap Public Health District applied and was awarded to handle the “In-Person Assister” Program. There are five network organizations that will be working with them on the In-Person Assister program. The responsibilities of the In-Person Assister Program are: 1) outreach and educational activities about the Exchange and the full range of health insurance coverage options, 2) facilitate a consumer’s select of a qualified health plan (QHP). Each of the network organizations will have In-Person Assisters to assist people in getting enrolled into a qualified health plan. Outreach activities include: participating with community partners in providing educational and enrollment activities, host or attend events that present enrollment opportunities, Identify community sites for enrollment opportunities.
Peninsula Community Health Services has formed a taskforce, will hire and train four staff to fulfill eligibility, outreach and enrollment, review internal processes for opportunities to identify eligible patients. Any person coming into their clinic, who is not insured, will meet with the eligibility outreach specialist
Coordined Grant Application – Kirsten Jewell: Kirsten reminded everyone the application is now available online. If you have any questions, as you are completing your application, contact Kirsten or any of the CDBG staff. The application is due July 10, 2013 at noon. HMIS, version 5 rolled out in Kitsap and seems to be working fine, after a couple minor glitches were corrected. If anyone sees anything that does not appear to be working, let Kirsten know.
Project Connect – Chris Brunell: A small group met this morning to discuss the future of Project Connect. Neither Phedra, Overall Project Connect Chair nor Kathy Cooper, Vendor Coordinator is able to do those tasks this coming year. If the Continuum of Care Coalition wants to continue to do Project Connect, we need people to take these positions, as well as other key roles. Another option is to see if there is anyone in the Interfaith community that is interested in taking on the lead role. There were people who agreed to assist with the planning of Project Connect: Denise Agee, Patti Peterson, Trudy Stacy, Julie Graves, Manny Cruz, and Chris Brunell.
Nomination Committee: It is time to put together a nomination committee for election of officers in September. Denise Agee, Ruth Westergaard and Patti Peterson agreed to serve on the committee. Manny Cruz stated that Rochelle Doan said she would be interested in helping with this task. Since the committee must have an odd number of members, per bylaws, it was decided to use Rochelle as an alternate.
Coordinator Report– Terry Schroeder: Terry reported she has completed the combined grant application to request funding for the coordination of the Continuum of Care Coalition activities. She has also attended several meetings: Outside Homeless subcommittee, United Way Vision Council, Balance of State Webinar. Sarah VanCleve updated and made some improvements on the website.
Real Change – Patti Peterson: Patti reported she has reviewed more with Real Change and will attempt to bring them into Kitsap. It provides an opportunity for low-income and homeless persons to make some money selling this paper. The vendors who sell the paper pay $.40/paper and charge $2.00/paper for a profit of $1.40. Tomorrow there will be a Real Change vendor over here selling papers to see how sales go.

Kitsap Transit – Trudy Stacy: They have secured a vehicle to put their mobile customer service terminal. People will be able to purchase and load ORCA cards. They will come to locations where there are at least 10 people at the site. The mobile customer service terminal will only be available during normal business hours. Trudy recently attended a meeting regarding bringing the Safe Place program to Kitsap County. Safe Place is a program that quickly connects youth in crisis to assistance, through a network of local businesses designated as “Safe Places”.
Housing Solutions Center – Monica Bernhard: They continue to be busy and the wait list is still short with only one man on it today. They are out of rental assistance, however. The HSC was approved for a set aside for this year, with a couple of caveats. Monica is working with a committee to look at potential grants.
Goodwill – Ann E. Garner: Ann announced they have classes starting on August 5 for their Retail and Customer Service Training Program. This was their first year with GED clients and they graduated 11 students. Goodwill pays for the GED test for their clients.
Benedict House/HEN – Chris Brunell: They are full, except for the family room; with space for a father and one or two children. HEN is continuing on and waiting for budget information to see how that will affect their program.
Kitsap Legal Services – Becky Boughton: They are offering a Continuing Legal Education class, Disability 101. The only cost is to purchase the book that Ann Cook uses in the presentation. Becky also announced that Lindquist Dental is opening a clinic in East Bremerton for low-income children.
Kitsap Recovery Center – Linda Kerkes: They have had a lot of turnover in the Guest Program, but are keeping full.
Kitsap Public Health District – Ruth Westergaard: On August 14, they will host a community clinic for Hepatitis A/B, TDAP. Information will be sent to Terry for inclusion in the Thursday Journal.
Bremerton Food Line – Patti Peterson: Patti said she is just waiting to hear more from Real Chance and hopes to move forward soon. Her board has agreed that Bremerton Foodline space can be used for the Severe Weather Shelter again this year, if needed.
Bremerton Housing Authority – Sarah VanCleve: They will be closing their Public Housing wait list on July 31. She will send a flyer for Terry to put in the Thursday Journal. She asks that the BHA flyer be used for posting so that there is no confusion with the clients.
Kitsap Community Resources – Darlene Cook: KCR has $.5 million to help with energy assistance. The benefit amount varies, depending on household income. Encourage folks to apply. This is PSE assistance.
Housing Kitsap – Julie Graves: Three projects currently with rental subsidy, Virginiaville, Robinswood, and Winton Wood are dropping rental subsidies. Housing Kitsap’s wait list is still open, but their two-bedroom list is very full. They are in the initial planning stages on a new affordable housing project on land behind Fred Meyer. If all goes well, they hope to have it ready in 2015.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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Minutes – May 2013

May 22, 2013 Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Rochelle Doan.
2. Attendance: Rochelle Doan – Chair, Chris Brunell – Member at Large, Monica Bernhard, Kirsten Jewell, Gina Lindal, Daniel Mitchell, Michael O’Shaughnessy, Robin O’Grady, Denise Agee, Raelenea Rodriguez, Sherryl Hawes, Jackie Brown, Terry Schroeder
3. Introductions were made around the table.
4. Agenda Review: No changes made.
Minutes: There was not a quorum, so no action was taken on the minutes.
Conference to End Homelessness: All who attended the conference were invited to provide feedback as to what was interesting to them. Some of the topics that were felt to be highly attended and/or interesting to those who attended included:
• Housing First
• Coordinated Entry – several counties are in the early planning stages
• Affordable Care Act
• Family Assessment Response from DSHS/Children’s Administration – used in place of a CPS investigation for those complaints that are determined to be low to moderate.
• It was also felt that there was a sense that we need to be innovating; there has been a tendency to go with the tried and true. Workshops that were about new, innovative ideas seemed to be well attended.
HHGP and AHGP Priorities – Kirsten Jewell: Kirsten went over the process in developing the priorities. The CoCC had a brainstorm session; those ideas were taken to the Housing Funding Leadership group. That group then made recommendations to the Housing Advisory Team (HAT). The Housing Advisory Team’s recommendations go to the full KRCC Board next week. The 2014 priorities consist of three aspects as follows:
1. Program Resources/Innovation
a. Partnership and collaboration
b. Leveraging resources
c. Specific outcomes and metrics
d. Innovation
2. Balance support for existing program AND new programs. The Housing Leadership recommended, “Grant awards should be prioritized to utilize 80% of available funds to support existing programs and up to 20% for new programs.” The Housing Advisory Team recommended changing that language to read, “The 2014 grant awards should balance the need to support existing successful programs with funding for new programs.”
3. Funding focus areas, with specific focus areas for the Homeless Housing Grant Program (Prevention, Crisis and Stabilization) and the Affordable Housing Grant Program (Operation and Maintenance, Acquisition, construction or rehabilitation, Rental Assistance vouchers, similar to Section 8, Emergency Shelter operating costs).
There was also a priority regarding coordination/organization/system efficiency, which is supported by the two set aside requests. The HAT recommended that the CoCC coordination activities go through the competitive grant process. They recommended that the HSC receive a set aside, with two contingencies.
There is a public hearing on the Priorities, the Policy Plan and the NOFA. Information on all is on the KRCC web site, www.kitsapregionalcoordinatingcouncil.org
Coordinated Grant Application – Kirsten Jewell: This year there was a program review of the Homeless Housing Grant Program and the Affordable Housing Grant Program. The Housing Advisory Team (HAT) recommends changing how appointments are made to the Grant Recommendation Committee (GRC), which will help address the issue of geographic equity and ensure that knowledge about all Kitsap jurisdictions is present on the GRC. Their recommendation is to have them appointed as follows: 1 by City of Bainbridge, 1 by City of Poulsbo, 1 by City of Port Orchard, 3 by Kitsap County Commissioners (one per district), 2 by City of Bremerton. They recommend that the CoCC recommend candidates to the cities/county for consideration. There was discussion about geographic equality versus having persons on the committee who actually have some knowledge about what is going on. If anyone is interested in sending in written comment, they are welcome to do so and/or to present verbal comment next Tuesday, May 28, at the KRCC Board Meeting. There is a job description for the GRC and Terry will send it out; if you have anyone that would be interested in participating, please encourage them to apply. The application should be sent to Kirsten, who will forward it to the public officials.
Kirsten also stated that the HAT also recommended that the request for a set aside for the coordination of activities of the Continuum of Care Coalition not be funded as a set aside but apply through the competitive grant process. All those present at the meeting felt that the coordination activities should be funded through a set aside. After discussion, it was decided to write a letter to the KRCC Board, asking them to not accept the HAT recommendation and to fund through a set aside. It was also decided to get as many agency signatures as possible. Denise Agee offered to drive around getting the signatures. Rochelle said she would try to have a letter ready tomorrow morning. The HAT did recommend that a set aside be approved for the Housing Solutions Center with some recommended requirements for the HSC Advisory Committee.
Nomination Committee– Rochelle Doan: Rochelle stated that it is time to start thinking about serving on the Nomination Committee. It is a time-limited group that needs to contact people and determine who is willing and able to run for office in the coming year. Anyone who is interested in participating on this committee or has additional questions, contact Terry.
Project Connect – Rochelle Doan: We need to look at this event and determine if there is energy to put on the event this year and determine who will be the leaders. We will also need to determine what areas need someone to take responsibility. A meeting date and time will be set and will be put in Thursday Journal; all are welcome to attend.

Housing Kitsap – Julie Graves: Julie announced that Housing Kitsap is establishing a minimum rent, which they have not had in the past. There will be a minimum rent charge of $25/month. For those with no income, this will reduce their utility reimbursement benefits, which are paid directly to utility departments. It will likely result in an increased need for food and/or non-food items from the food banks.
Bremerton Food Line – Patti Peterson: Patti stated that she has met with representatives from Real Change and is working to move forward with this project. She is very interested in trying this in Kitsap County. There are still some details that need to be worked out. Any other organizations that are interested in working on this project with her, please contact Patti; she welcomes anyone who is interested in helping bring this resource to Kitsap County.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sarah VanCleve, Secretary

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Minutes – April 2013

April 17, 2013 Meeting Minutes
1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Rochelle Doan.
2.                  Attendance: Rochelle Doan – Chair, Darlene Cook – Vice Chair, Sarah VanCleve – Secretary, Chris Brunell – Member at Large, Penny Lamping, Monica Bernhard, Jenell DeMatteo, Beverly Kincaid, Susan Brown, Kirsten Jewell, Alex Fastle, Becky Boughton, Marta Holt, Shannon Bauman, Gina Lindal, Brianna McNamara, Linda Kerkes, Sara Marez-Fields, Linda Hollingsworth, Sheryl Piercy, Leann Weaver, Terry Schroeder
3.                  Introductions were made around the table.
4.                  Agenda Review: No changes made.
Minutes: Chris Brunell moved and Penny Lamping seconded to approve the minutes as presented. The motion was approved.
Access to Mental Health Care – Kelly Schwab: Kelly started his presentation with a story that aptly illustrated the difference between a person who was mentally ill and one who is a danger to themselves or others. He went over some of the history of mental health care and the Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA). Prior to the ITA, it only took one person, not necessarily a medical professional, to have someone involuntarily committed. There now is a process that can be lengthy and has a high standard to meet in doing so. One example he gave was that if someone states they are going to take some pills and kill themselves, but doesn’t have the pills right there available, they don’t meet the standard of being a danger to themselves. A person can also be involuntarily committed due to being gravely disabled but this typically takes a series of calls before it will happen. 
The process is that someone requests an evaluation; a Designated Mental Health Professional evaluates the person to determine if the person meets the criteria:
  • Has a diagnosable mental illness AND
  • Represents an immediate risk of harm to self, others or property OR
  • They are unable to provide for basic needs of safety or health (gravely disabled) AND
  • There is no less restrictive alternative available. 
The DMHP may arrange for voluntary treatment if treatment is needed and the person is willing. If they are held involuntarily, they will initially be held for up to 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) and be evaluated. If the evaluation shows that inpatient care is required beyond the 72 hours, a petition will be filed with the court to hold for an additional 14 days. There are four outcomes that can come out of this petition: petition can be dropped for lack of evidence and patient is released; the judge can dismiss the case and release the patient; the patient is judged committable and will be held for short term commitment; or the judge will accept the patient’s agreement to enter treatment voluntarily. If the patient is held for the 14 days, and it is felt that additional inpatient treatment is needed, another petition will be filed to hold the individual for up to 90 days. A judge will make that determination and if committed, the individual will have a hearing every 180 days to determine if further inpatient treatment is required. At any point, if the patient agrees to an outpatient treatment plan, they may be released back to their community. They are monitored closely to ensure compliance with the plan.
Kelly went over some other items of interest. Adolescents are able to make their own decision about treatment at age 13. Persons with mental illness often learn what to say in order to keep them out of treatment. Many mental illnesses can be well controlled with medication. Although there is a huge population of homeless persons who are mentally ill, the goal of Kitsap Mental Health Services is to not discharge a person to homelessness. 
There was a question about the interface between 211 and Housing Solutions Center (HSC). Kelly stated that he felt they have a good working relationship. 211 does not typically refer directly to most programs, unless it is DV and after hours calls. In all other instances, they will refer homeless persons to the HSC. The afterhours calls for women and women with children will be routed to St. Vincent de Paul or Georgia’s House and then they will provide information to HSC the following business day. A drop-in shelter, like Kitsap Rescue Mission is working on, would be an answer to after-hours calls. Monica Bernhard stated that the HSC phone lines do direct people to 211 after hours. 
There was also a question about getting hold of KMHS case managers. The case managers are out of the office most of the day typically, but should return calls. If calls aren’t being returned, a supervisor could be contacted. Linda Kerkes also stated that for persons who are unstable, they could be placed in Kitsap Recovery Center’s (KRC) Crisis Triage Center for a three-day stay for stabilization.
Homeless Housing Plan – Kirsten Jewell: The HHP is completed! The KRCC Board approved the plan on March 26. The final plan is on their website, on their Housing Grant Program page. 
Combined Grant Program – Kirsten Jewell: The calendar will be on their website soon and all information will be in the NOFA, out April 26. Kirsten provided a few of the dates that are important:
  • May 30 – Mandatory Technical Assistance meeting – 9 am to Noon at Norm Dicks Government Center. Important/helpful for person completing the application and/or budget to be present
  • July 10 Noon – End of Online Submission – last date to submit applications
  • Sept 20 – Grant Recommendations distributed – Begins public hearing process
  • Oct 22 - KRCC Board acts on Grant recommendations for HHGP, AHGP, and County CDBG and HOME – end of public hearing
  • Nov 6 – Bremerton City Council acts on City CDBG and HOME recommendations
Priority setting for the Homeless Housing Grant Program began with a brainstorm session on Tuesday with the Continuum of Care Coalition members. That will go to the Housing Funding Leadership Group (HFLG) and then to the Housing Advisory Team (HAT), a subcommittee of the KRCC Board. It will then be approved by the KCRCC Board at their meeting on May 28. Kirsten will bring the priorities to the May CoCC meeting for concurrence. At the CoCC Brainstorm session, one idea that was brought up was that there should be a balance between continued funding for ongoing projects and funding for new, innovative projects. The recommendation was to have 80% of the funding be reserved for continued projects and 20% for new projects. That recommendation will be passed on to the HFLG and HAT.
Coordinator Report – Terry Schroeder: Terry reported that she has input all the information she has the PIT count, and just received information about some agencies that needed to do a bit more input. She will send out a preliminary report with this week’s TJ. She has also been working on the Housing Inventory Chart for the County Annual Report for Department of Commerce.   She has sent in the information she has received and sent out requests for more information in some cases. She attended the March Kitsap Housing Coalition meeting and the WLIHA Homeless Advisory Board meeting, where there was discussion about the conference and information from Commerce on some new projects. There also seemed to be a lot of interest in having discussions around topics. It might be something for the Executive Committee to schedule something like that for one of the CoCC meetings, instead of having a speaker. 
WLIHA Conference to End Homelessness – Terry Schroeder: The date for early registration has passed, so the cost to attend is a little higher, but it is close and there is the option of attending just one day, which is very reasonable. Also, they are trying to get each county to donate a basket for the auction. It can be anything, but baskets representing the various counties are nice. Terry has some things left from last year, as she was unable to attend at the last minute. She will include those, but if anyone has anything else they would like to add, let Terry know.
Outside Homeless Committee – Darlene Cook: A lot of the time was spent talking with a South Kitsap couple, from New Life Church, who own the restaurant, “That One Place” and want to open transitional housing in South Kitsap. Walt stated that things are moving along with the overnight shelter, but there are still things that need to be done. Kitsap Rescue Mission got a new truck. There was some discussion of the emergency evacuation of vulnerable populations and it is felt that Department of Emergency Management has a handle on that.
Executive Committee – Rochelle Doan: There was discussion about the case management piece that came out of the HHP. There was a small workgroup, from the HHP Planning Committee, that looked at the definition for case management. There was discussion about having everyone using the same information/definition for case management when writing grants. Perhaps there could also be more coordination and shared information about how case management is done in various agencies. The possibility of a mobile program that would allow case managers to assist clients to access the services they need. It was felt that it would be productive to allow some time for a discussion of case management at one of the upcoming CoCC meetings. 
StandUp for Kids – Susan Brown: Susan passed around a brochure providing information about Adult Day Services that are provided at Canterbury Care Center, for impaired or frail seniors age 60 plus.
Housing Solutions Center – Monica Bernhard: Monica stated that she had brochures and cards for the HSC, if anyone needed some. 
Georgia’s House/Weaver Foundation – Leann Weaver: Georgia’s House is turning 2! On Sunday at 2:00 pm, they are having their 2nd Birthday celebration and all are invited. They also have completed their remodel and have space for six additional beds. They serve women and women with children.
WorkSource – Linda Hollingsworth: Linda distributed a flyer for the upcoming Stand Down for Veterans that will be held on Saturday April 27, 2013 from 9 am to 2:30 pm at Sheridan Park Community Center in Bremerton.
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah VanCleve, Secretary
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Minutes – March 2013

March 20, 2013 Meeting Minutes
1.                  Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Chair Rochelle Doan.
2.                  Attendance: Rochelle Doan – Chair, Darlene Cook – Vice Chair, Terry Schroeder, Penny Lamping, Monica Bernhard, Jenell DeMatteo, Ginny Duff, Bev Kincaid, Dave Frederick, Susan Brown, Kirsten Jewell, Ruth Westergaard, Julie Graves, Jackie Brown, Sherryl Hawes, Clara Ann Ness, Alexandra Fastle, Becky Boughton, Cathy Brorson
3.                  Introductions were made around the table.
4.                  Agenda Review: No changes made.
Minutes: Darlene Cook moved and Dave Frederick seconded to approve the minutes as presented. The motion was approved.
Life on the Edge – Cathy Brorson: Cathy introduced herself at a CUDE, Credit Union Development Educator. As part of her credit union development educator project, she chose to do a project titled, “Life on the Edge”. This project had four components:
  1. Education – awareness of the state of poverty
  2. Experiential Learning
  3. Resources
  4. Celebration of Successes
There were 172 participants from King, Pierce, Mason and Kitsap counties. Speakers included Senator Christine Rolfes, Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, Mayor Patty Lent, Kitsap Credit Union CEO Elliott Gregg and Dr. Donna Beegle as the Keynote Speaker. The next component of the event was a “Simulation City” where each person was either a member of a family or an employee at a social service agency. This simulation provided participants with a perspective of how difficult it is to go to various agencies to obtain services and to experience poverty. It also showed that persons may have income well over the poverty level, but still struggle meeting their needs. Each role had a different response as no two poverty situations are alike.
Throughout the day, the participants could peruse the resource tables with information from various local agencies about the services they provide. 
After the simulation, there was a section on “Success in Action” where several local persons talked about how they overcame challenges with assistance from various agencies. Rocky, from Coffee Oasis, talked about the one thing that made a difference to him when he was a homeless youth was that “If he didn’t show up, they [Coffee Oasis] would come out and look for me.” Katherine, a single mom had her children removed by CPS. She got into treatment with Westsound Treatment and was able to get her children returned. Carly was a single mom who was having a difficult time keeping a job. Through Washington CASH and using her grandma’s old mustard recipe, opened a small business, “Fat Cat Mustard”. Jeff had worked in construction, had a home and wife and lost them all. He became homeless and was in “survivor mode” living on the streets. He got into Benedict House, went to school and is on a new career path.
At the end of the day there was some discussion on outcomes and next steps. The outcomes centered on how the participants felt during the simulation. Stress and panic, sense of distrust, variables unseen, no sense of community, no time, tough decisions, bad choices made in moments of desperation were some of the comments made. There were also some action steps identified. More flexible policies, provide more accessible services, have open-ended dialogue, be more compassionate were some of the steps identified.
The next step is to have a follow up event and talk about what differences have come out of this event. Have any of the action steps been implemented. If you are interested in helping with this follow up event, let Terry know.
Life on the Edge was a project that was part of Cathy’s Development Educator Program. She took first place in the Northwest Credit Union Social Response Program and then went on in the National and took second place.
Homeless Housing Plan – Kirsten Jewell: The subcommittee have worked the past six to eight months updating the Homeless Housing Plan. Last month, Kirsten presented information on the plan and asked for comments and had it reviewed by Building Changes. There are five main objectives, agency/system capacity, prevent homelessness, immediate housing stabilization, provide appropriate housing services, promote economic independence, focus on underserved populations. It opened for public comment on March 1. The final opportunity for public comment will be oral comment at the KRCC Board meeting at 10 am on March 26. Bev Kincaid moved and Darlene Cook seconded for the CoCC to endorse the plan and recommend approval through the KRCC. The motion passed.
Coordinator Report – Terry Schroeder: Terry reported that she has been continuing to input the information for the PIT count, which is going to be a bit lower than last year. There was discussion about the fact that DSHS numbers report 2500-2600 homeless persons in a year and that works out to be about 400-600 homeless persons on a single day, which is what our point-in-time count shows. 
Housing Resources Board – Penny Lamping: They have met with North Kitsap Fishline and are partnering with them to offer a Home Share Program in the North Kitsap area. This program should be ready to start in that area soon. 
Habitat for Humanity – Ginny Duff:  They are just about ready to move into their new store and will have a grand opening on May 4. At the end of April, they will be dedicating three homes.      
YWCA – Jackie Brown:  There are a couple of openings at the Alive Shelter for persons who have had domestic violence issues and are homeless. They are in need of a new roof. There is an opening in their Home Plus program. Again, the person must have had domestic violence issues and have income of at least $800/month.   
Sound Grants – Bev Kincaid:  She is reviewing Kitsap Community Foundation applications. Kitsap Community Foundation is having a Celebration of Philanthropy on May 17 at 5:30 pm at the Kitsap Conference Center. They will be honoring three local philanthropists. 
StandUp for Kids – Susan Brown: They participated in the Bremerton St. Patrick’s Day event. They are working on getting their information out into the community.
Housing Solutions Center – Monica Bernhard: February was the first month with year to year data. They serviced 551 household in the first 2 months of 2013. The average income for the people coming in is $662/month, with 50% of them being literally homeless. They currently have rental assistance and homeless child care funding available.
KCR Housing – Jenell DeMatteo:  They have some openings in their Family Place and are hiring staff at Family Place.  The announcement should be going out soon.
Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council – Kirsten Jewel: The Coordinated Grant Program is coming up soon. The technical assistance will be May 30 at 9 am, with applications due on July 10. The full schedule will be on their site soon. Prior to that, priority setting needs to be done for the homeless housing grant program and Kirsten anticipates some changes. She will be scheduling a brainstorm session for the CoCC to start the priority setting process.
Bremerton Housing Authority – Sherryl Hawes: BHA is working with another agency in Mason County and opening eight project-based units. They are also working with DSHS to provide some public housing to youth exiting foster care. 
Kitsap Mental Health Services – Rochelle Doan: In May, they will be doing the first Youth Mental Health First Aid program. 
Kitsap Legal Services – Becky Boughton:  KLS has a new brochure, which Becky passed out. Columbia Legal Services is doing a Legal Financial Obligations clinic. All of the clinics are held in Seattle, but Columbia will assist persons to get there, if necessary.
Kitsap Community Resources – Darlene Cook:  They run a Kinship Care program for any person who has taken on the care of minor relatives. This program can help with transition costs in having those minor relatives in their care.
Parent-Child Assistance Program – Clara Ann Ness: They continue to have openings for women who are pregnant or have given birth in the last six months and were involved with alcohol/drugs during their pregnancy. They can work with the women for three years to help them stabilize.
Housing Kitsap – Julie Graves: With furlough days coming, there was a thought to have a way for them to connect with organization to volunteer on their furlough days.
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah VanCleve, Secretary
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